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What’s that? A stranger on The Utter BlogBlank canvas wedding planners

Allow me to introduce myself, o’ followers of Sama. I’m Helen, the first official addition to the Utterly Wow clan, and what a year it’s been. That’s me on the left, doing my best ‘I’m talking to Sama about something really important’ acting.

After a successful dabble into planning a family wedding into 2013, and therefore hearing the phrase ‘you should do this as a job’ (and discovering it’s an ACTUAL job) my heart was set on a career in wedding planning.  I did an Events Management diploma, followed by a short course with Stylish Events, to give me a real insight into the world of event planning and what to expect. Then began the desperate search for an internship or events planner job.

The Job Search

During my hunt for blank canvas wedding planners I came across Utterly Wow. Its relaxed and fun vibe was so different to every other website, I just knew this was the type of wedding planning I wanted to do! Naturally, I emailed Sama asking for work, and she replied saying she wasn’t in a position to take anyone on. Boo.

Not content with leaving our conversation there, I asked if she’d meet me so I could pick her brain about the business over a coffee. Being friendly as ever (and probably bored on maternity leave), she agreed. A few weeks after we met an email from Sama appeared in my inbox, offering me an unpaid internship. She was ready to take Utterly Wow to the next level, and I was EXTREMELY happy to be a part of it. After 6 months of interning, Sama proposed taking me on as freelance, and I haven’t looked back since….

1. From Linsey & Nick’s wedding as shot by Dominique Bader 2. From Hailey & Nick’s wedding as shot by Voyteck Photography 3. From Lucy & John’s wedding as shot by Paul Read 4. From Annie & Neil’s wedding as shot by M&J Photography

The story so far….

So, what have I learnt in my first 18 months as an Assistant Wedding Planner?

  • Haribo Starmix is a staple food on the day of the wedding (We’ve recently upgraded to the rhubarb and custard splats- they’re AMAZING).
  • The most unlikely of guests will start a drunken confrontation with the band during their set.
  • Always have the right ladder for the job, and if not, make sure your Assistant Planner is willing to stand behind you and catch you by the bum if you wobble.
  • Anything involving ribbon looks nice but will take up at least 80% of your wedding day prep.
  • The best part of the wedding day is definitely when the bride and groom are introduced into their reception as newlyweds. When everyone is cheering and clapping it always gives me a bit of a goosebumps moment.
  • It’s much more fun to watch the newlyweds faces during the speeches rather than the person giving the speech.
  • It’s of the upmost importance in the evening to find a hidden corner or mezzanine where you can dance along to the band unseen by any other guests.
  • It’s the smaller details and personal touches that make each wedding design unique, it’s what makes their wedding look like theirs and nobody else’s.
  • Build up a good working relationship with other suppliers/venue managers etc. Nobody likes a bossy wedding planner!
  • Blank canvas wedding planners, always need fishing line, and a lot of it.

As you can see, all the important stuff.

As for Sama, I’ve never worked with someone who is an actual perfectionist. She will write, rewrite, change, remove, amend and then some to achieve perfection. In fact I’m 99.9% sure when she reads this she’ll send me a list of what needs changing and where my grammar is wrong. But that’s what makes her brilliant. I’ve been taught and encouraged never to settle for anything less!  Not only have I got myself a fab girl-boss, mentor and friend all rolled into one, I’ve been given the opportunity to say ‘I have my dream job’. How bloody great is that?

Helen x

(And not Sama, as the signature below would imply.)


Sama x

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