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Whizzing By…

My productivity levels seem to be on a continual roller coaster.  One minute I’m all guns a blazing, ticking things off my to-do list like nobody’s business and managing to write four emails whilst on the phone whilst hoovering the house… you get the picture.  But the next minute I’m stuck at the top of the Loop the Loop, watching everyone below going about their daily business perfectly capably and waiting for the operator to turn the power back on.  I can see what is ahead of me, I know all the twists and turns and ups and downs that are coming… and yet nothing’s happening.  I’ve literally stopped.

I’m there at the moment.  I’ve stopped.  Actually no, I’m bunny hopping up those final few feet; swinging wildly between furious attempts to move forward and  staring silently in to the middle distance.  Too poetic? Ok, I’ll try another way: in the words of R. Kelly my mind is telling me to stop (relax Sama, it’s Christmas!) but my body… my boooo-dy is telling me to go! Don’t stop! There’s so much to do! Doesn’t Christmas know that there’s a wedding is in 5 months and a business to launch, not to mention a full-time job and a list of self-improvement type New Years Resolutions that are increasing by the day??

Silly innit?  I want to relax. I want to put everything on hold for the next fortnight and not think about the wedding or the business or the blog and enjoy my boyfriend, my home, my family.  But I can’t seem to let myself.  The weight of how much I have to do means I’m making daily to-do lists in my head… and yet I’m struggling to get anything done.  I can’t relax and I can’t achieve.  I’m in a state of work/life purgatory.

Does anyone else relate to this? (Please say yes!)

How do you unwind and let your mind rest?  Do you feel guilty when you’re not doing anything? Is anyone else currently planning a Spring wedding terrified of how quickly the time is going to fly once we hit January??

Talk to me- it’s Christmas!

Sama xxx

Sama x

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  1. Amanda

    Hello ! I came here from AOW (following your comment on the post bout self-esteem and career) and I have been lurking around since.
    I really like it !
    And I can totally relate… I remember those last few weeks before the wedding my mind would not stop. It actually helped to transfer those to-do lists from your head and onto paper, then you will be sure not to forget things (but I guess that’s obvious). Then, instead of feeling overwhelmed, tackle it one item at a time and not all at once (also obvious).
    Anyhow, do take the time to relax and enjoy, maybe you can give yourself a schedule and make sure doing fun stuff is part of it ?

    • theutterblog

      Hey Amanda! Thanks for commenting and glad to hear you’ve been lurking. Lurking is totally encouraged 😉 I actually write a monthly to-do list as I find it easier to segregate all the different categories of things going on in my life, and to see what I have to achieve in a set period of time… but I should probably start dividing that in to weekly and/or daily lists as well. I shall most definitely be relaxing over Christmas though. Relaxing and eating. (The wedding diet will start in January!) xx

  2. charlotteelborough

    Me, me, me!! But then you already know that! I’m even finding concentrating on work hard at the moment (hence the comments during the day). I’m off to Olympia to watch the show jumping tomorrow and I’m planning on relaxing fully! x


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