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Wedmin: T Minus 8 Months

I’m not quite sure how it’s happened, but in what feels like the blink of an eye I am over the halfway point between engagement and wedding day.  Yes, with all the 2012 weddings we were invited to been, gone and thoroughly enjoyed, and with eight months to go ’til the wedding of 2013 ;), it is all systems go for me and Paul my mum. (You think I’m joking?)

Here’s a round-up of what’s been going on with me and my Wedmin…

The Mother of all Lists

First up, by order of my Deputy Wedding Planner and Mother Extraordinaire, was the creation of an almighty To-Do List.  List-making is fabulous, is it not?  I LOVE making lists. It’s the crossing off of items on said list that are sometimes easier said than done… but I’m in the zone at the moment.  Items are being crossed off. Things are being done.

My To-Do List is divided in to three parts:

1. Suppliers- A list of all the suppliers/vendors who will providing something for the wedding; those that are booked but still need decisions made, and those who still need sourcing and confirming.  I’m pleased to say all the big bits are done; it’s the smaller, less exciting bits and bobs that need confirming now. Table linen, lighting, transport, port-a-loos… whether to book them all through the same company, or source the lowest prices and have ninety-two different delivery charges. Oh, the fun.

2. Décor/DIY- This is the list with the most to do.  I’ve divided it in to two sections: Items to Collect/Purchase and Items to Make.  With the styling being one of the most important aspects of the day for me, both sections are huge and largely unstarted.  I’m determined not to leave the DIY ’til the last minute though, so (at the order of my Deputy Wedding Planner and Mother Extraordinaire), I shall be writing a schedule very shortly.

3. Other- For the bits that don’t make either of the other two lists.  The ceremony, the outfits… Err, that’s it.

A Place to Lay my Head

This week I decided to tackle accommodation for the bridal party.  Although my Mum lives fairly near to the wedding venue, her house is going to be bordering on chaotic, with thousands of relatives descending on her in the days before, not to mention the many jobs she has given herself (cake making, flower arranging etc).  As such it’s just not feasible for me to stay there the night before the wedding so I have been on a mission to find somewhere calm, spacious and beautiful for myself, Paul, our bridesmaids, best man, best friends and partners to stay over the wedding weekend.

Cue major freak out and panic as I realise that places are booking up… fast.

Maybe it’s because the wedding is on a bank holiday weekend.  Or the start of the May half-term. Or maybe it’s just because eight months in advance is a normal time to book a holiday and I’m just out of touch. (It’s been so long!).  Either way, everyone else in Kent is one step ahead of me and I don’t like it.

However, I have managed to find Paul and I a humdinger of a ‘home from home’ for the wedding weekend. Waters End Farm is a gorgeous, secluded B&B about ten minutes away from our venue, and we are booked in for two nights in the biggest, most beautiful room.  Our bridesmaids, best man and closest friends are booking in to a Premier Inn about half an hour away.  At £48 per room per night, it means they can stay the night before as well as the night of the wedding, and I don’t feel guilty about how much money it costs them!  We will meet in Tenterden on the Friday night, with other close family members who are around, and have a chilled evening of food and drink before heading back for a night of rest and relaxation.  We hope.

Image via Waters End Farm website

Image via Waters End Farm website

Breaking With Tradition

I know some people will baulk at the idea, but P and I have decided to stay together the night before.  On a practical level it means our bridesmaids and best man can stay with their partners and not have to stress about moving bags etc the morning of the wedding.  But on a far more romantic level, I just like the idea of waking up all bleary-eyed, rolling over to my sleeping husband-t0-be and saying, ‘We’re getting married today!’.

Then our best man will drive the bridesmaids over to get ready with me, Paul will be taken to get ready with the boys at the hotel, and we won’t see each other again until I’m walking up the aisle.

Oo-er, my stomach just flipped.

I *heart* Wedmin.

Sama xxx

Sama x

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