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Wedge Me Up, Baby

Morning all.

After the epicness of last week where I posted about having your wedding dress made bespoke (read Part 1 and Part 2 here), I spent a lovely day with my Mum on Friday, doing some pre-birthday shopping and occasionally checking in to see my site stats go through the roof! Thank you to everyone for reading and sharing the posts elsewhere- ’twas a hugely rewarding and satisfying couple of days 🙂

But back to wedges.

Wedding season hasn’t quite begun for me yet, but I have three sets of nuptials to attend this summer.  The first two I am a bridesmaid for (and cannot wait!) but the last one I am a mere guest…. and therefore get to buy a new outfit! Winner winner, chicken dinner.

The wedding is in a teepee, there’s a Céilidh in the evening, and Paul and I are camping overnight in the field next door… so the right footwear is of utmost importance.  I wouldn’t dream of wearing flat shoes (these stumpy legs of mine need all the help they can get), but stilettos are a no-go when mud, fields and an uneven hessian floor are involved.  So I’ve been on the look out for a decent pair of pretty-but-will-go-with-anything wedges to solve the problem.

Step in the Lilita wedge from Pied-A-Terre.

Lilita, Pied a Terre

The pink and chocolate snakeskin pattern is a bit rock-chick up close but looks neutral from far away: ideal when I’ve bought the shoes before I’ve found the rest of the outfit.  I love the plaited seagrass edging which keeps it summery, whilst the t-bar strap is on trend and foot flattering. My Mum is convinced I’m going to break an ankle during the Céilidh, but those ankle straps are surprisingly secure.  And whilst I’ve never owned a Pied a Terre shoe before as £140 is, in my opinion, a ridiculous amount to pay for a pair of shoes- when they’re reduced to £70 in the John Lewis sale and my Mum is buying them as a birthday gift… well, it would have been rude not to.

Just the rest of the wedding outfit to find now. Any suggestions?

Sama xxx

Sama x

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