17th July 2018 . Utterly Wow Weddings

Wedding Warriors: Join Our Tribe

Here at Utterly Wow, we shout loud and proud about the fact we specialise in blank canvas weddings. My own wedding took place in a completely empty, dry hire barn in Kent, and since then I’ve planned, designed and coordinated weddings at a whole plethora of dry hire and semi-dry hire spaces, from empty barns across the whole of the south-east, to village halls, community centres, woodland clearings, London warehouses and marquees at the family home. A blank canvas wedding offers such flexibility, freedom and variety, is it any wonder I love them so?!

But planning blank canvas wedding is an ENORMOUS challenge. In totally dry-hire spaces, you are literally creating a wedding venue from scratch. As well as the decorative items, many don’t even come with the basic essentials such as toilets and power (if you think of an empty field at the back of your property, for instance). And then of course there are the suppliers. Whilst some venues may have recommended supplier lists, many don’t- and that means hours and hours of your time doing the necessary research, narrowing down your options, getting quotations, and general liaison. Not to mention, of course, the preparation and physical labour involved in setting up the space ahead of the wedding day, and taking it all back down again after.

There’s no doubt about it, to plan a blank canvas wedding you need to be a little bit creative, a little bit bold, and a little bit mad.

But there’s no real help out there aimed specifically at those planning a blank canvas wedding. The major wedding blogs are all fantastic at offering inspiration, but where’s the practical advice? If you can’t afford or simply don’t want a wedding planner, where do you go to ask questions and get the answers you need from someone who has years and years of first hand experiences under their belt, OR from brides and grooms going through the exact same thing?

Well that’s where I step in. I’m all about sharing the love and the knowledge, plus I’m just a right nosy parker who loves talking weddings with those planning one. ┬áSo I’ve set up a Facebook group. It’s called Wedding Warriors UK, and in it I am building a useful, supportive, encouraging community of like-minded brides, grooms, recently marrieds and suppliers all with a shared goal; to help each other plan their blank canvas wedding.

I’d love you to join! It’s a closed group, but it’s totally free to be involved in and you don’t have to be currently planning a wedding (although you will get the most from the group if you are). And if you don’t want to join then I bet you know someone who will so please do share this post or share the group on Facebook. I want to reach as many brides-to-be as possible and grow my tribe of #weddingwarriors!



Sama x