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Our Wedding Photographer: Dominique Bader

Hello Uttersons,

As revealed on Monday, Paul and I have finally chosen and secured a lovely (and über-talented) photographer for our wedding.  I may have been planning my future nuptials since I was out the womb, but I didn’t start seriously thinking about the photography until 2010, when I discovered the amazingness that is wedding blogs and these incredibly well-documented, beautifully captured, creatively-brilliant weddings were suddenly brought to my attention.wedding photographer Dominique Bader

All images by Dominique Bader

Now, I am a mulcher when it comes to decision making.  I think I may have made that word up, but I mulch things, chew things over, procrastinate for ever over whether something is right or wrong for me… and then once my decision is made, there’s no going back.  Paul, for instance, is my first and only boyfriend.  Sure, there were other ‘dalliances’ pre-Paul, but my inner navigational system was set on finding The One, not The Good But Not Good Enough One.  When purchasing our first house, we placed an offer and subsequently bought the third house we visited.  We didn’t need to see any more- the hours I had put in to establishing what we wanted, scouring Rightmove and discarding those that didn’t meet our stringent criteria meant that it was very easy to say ‘Yes’ when the feeling was right.

Dominique was the first and only photographer that we met up with.  I intended to meet with more, I really did.  Every magazine and expert opinion tells you to meet with several suppliers to make sure you’re getting the best deal and the right one for you, but after Dominique we didn’t need to.  I knew what I wanted style-wise: clean, clear, bright, natural reportage photography, with some wowser bombowser magazine-worthy portraits thrown in for good measure.  Just as I had with 10/15/20 other photographers I had scoured Dominique’s website and was confident that her photography fitted the bill above all others.  In fact (rather embarrassingly), I ended up talking Paul through her portfolio at the consultation, I knew her images so well (whilst she watched me warily, probably convinced I was some sort of stalker… sorry Dominique).

But freaky bridal takeover aside, we got on really well.  She is personable, polite, professional and passionate about her work (anything else starting with a ‘P’?), but most importantly of all she won Paul over as well, for whom photography wasn’t so important, and who didn’t initially understand why we needed to meet in the first place.  He was glad we did in the end though, two hours and a couple of beers later.  It is so important you meet the person who is going to be documenting your day.  This is for forever after all, and you are putting a huge amount of trust in to just one person to capture a day which you will never get to do again.

Meet. Like. Book. (End sermon.)

Like most wedding photographers Dominique offers engagement shoots as well, my most favourite of which is this STUNNING Paris shoot below.  Although I’d love to have one (always happy to stand in front of a camera, me), Paul is a little shyer; equating the prospect of getting romantic with me in a field whilst having his photo taken to being slowly tortured to death…

In all seriousness though, we can’t wait to share our day with you, Dominique. And to finally meet that husband of yours!  I can only hope that you can make us look as gorgeous and in love as the couples above… 😉

And if there’s any remaining doubt over Dominique’s abilities (yeah right), just check out her own wedding photos which were featured on Love My Dress.  That is one stylish lady we’ve got ourselves.

Image by Anna Rosell Photography

Have a great weekend, folks!

Sama xxx

Sama x

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  1. Dominique

    Thank you so much for this amazing write up. I can’t wait to capture your day and spend time with you both. It’s going to be a wonderful wedding! xx

  2. Samuel

    Dominique is a true professional and I am truly proud of her. You have made the right decision 😉


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