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Wedding Flowers: The Beginning

I haven’t really written about flowers since getting engaged over 8 months ago.  Funny really, considering as they’ve been a MAJOR part of my thoughts and planning process.  You see, I love flowers.  I want them everywhere at my wedding- in my hair, in my hands, on the tables, in the ceremony backdrop… And with my ‘wedding colours’ being a riot of reds, pinks, corals, peach, yellows and a hint of blue, I can really have some fun when it comes to the flora.

The problem is I don’t want to spend very much money on them.

(Cue florists from across the land kissing their teeth and shaking their heads disappointedly.)

If I could, I honestly, honestly would.  There are a bevy of super-talented florists out there (including the wonderful Gayle Evans of Bloomin’Gayles and this post) who make a living doing seriously pretty things with flowers, but when it comes to my own fairly meagre budget, I’d rather spend on food. And wine. And an awesome band to get everyone dancing and leave amazing memories.

So, it is with some excitement but mainly trepidation that I can say we will be doing our own flowers.  Yes, even the bouquets and buttonholes.  No-one in my immediate family has ever made a hand-tied bouquet in our lives, but hey, it’s always a good time to learn a new skill.

The table flowers no longer scare the life out of me.  I was given the role of ‘Creative Floral Director’ (a-hem…) at my step-sister’s recent wedding, and with a team of many we created a cacophony of beautiful, wild arrangements with flowers from the highly-recommended, Green and Gorgeous.

The bouquets on the other hand, do un-nerve me. But we will do the best we can.  And practice lots when Spring kicks in.

My Mum (Deputy Wedding Planner and all-round superstar) has already sowed and ordered a load of May-flowering plants…

Peony ‘Coral charm’

Peony ‘Salmon Beauty’

Peony ‘Kansas’

Astrantia ‘Claret’

… All of which (if they grow- fingers crossed!) should be FREE courtesy of my Mum’s garden.

But we shall also be using a wholesaler to purchase other favourites, such as daisies, ranunculas, anemones, hydrangeas, stocks and astilbe.  Then, a day or two before the wedding we shall gather the ‘Flower Team’ and, well, create floral wonder… obviously.

Here are some beauteous blooms that are currently inspiring and scaring the living daylights out of me…


Image via Wedding Chicks

Image via Ruffled

Unknown source- torn out of a wedding magazine!

What flowers are your favourites, and did anyone do their own? Would love to hear your stories/advice/words of wisdom!

Sama xxx

Sama x

4 Responses to “Wedding Flowers: The Beginning”

  1. Jane

    Hi Sama

    Been reading your blog since I got engaged in June and I am in love with your ideas!

    I did my friends flowers for her wedding last year and although it was a tad daunting, (and more time consuming than expected) it was great fun and they were fab, even if I do say so myself!!
    I did her bouquet, which her Mum cried at when I took it round, (with happiness I hasen to add!), 4 bridesmaids, about 12 buttonholes and all of the table decorations.

    I’m going to do my flowers too, with the help of my lovely Mum, so will look forward to seeing yours!!

    Jane x

    • theutterblog

      Oh Jane, I wanna see pics! It’s the bouquet I’m most daunted by so if you have any advice it will be gratefully received! Feel free to email me via the Contact page if you have any photos to share.

      Thanks for commenting- it’s lovely to hear you’re enjoying the blog! xx


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