14th February 2012 . Private Bits

Valentine’s Schmalentines…

Yes, it’s that time of year when the price of roses quadruples and gift shops become a sea of red and pink. Happy Valentine’s Day one and all!

There he is.  Quite the dish, eh?

My newsfeed on Facebook this morning is a tale of two halves: the sarcastic and slightly bitter singletons who condemn Valentine’s Day and everyone who is in a relationship, and the gloating, vomit-inducing folk who post pictures of their cards/flower deliveries/rose petal-strewn beds.

I shan’t be posting any public notes of affection on Facebook or the like today.  Paul and I have exchanged cards this year, seeing as we’re engaged n’ all (I was very excited to get a card that says ‘To My Fiancée’!), but that’s as romantic as we get.  His card to me was addressed to ‘Bridezilla’ and signed from ‘The Wedding Denier’.  He’s nothing if not honest.

Tonight we’re rebelling against the rebellious and actually venturing out to ‘celebrate’.  We will go through our usual ‘Chinese or Curry’ debate (I always go the former, him the latter), and we will end up at whichever has an available table. (Because booking would be way too romantic!)  Then we will go to the pub and get suitably smashed because he’s on half-term and I don’t start work til 12pm tomorrow.

A pretty perfect V-Day, I’d say.

Sama x

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