13th July 2017 . Business

Utterly Wow 2.0

Hello! And a very warm welcome to the new look Utterly Wow website and newly integrated Utter Blog. I hope you like??

For those who have followed The Utter Blog since it’s very beginnings, thank you for joining us once again. Now I know my posts have been a little, erm, sparse of late, but I am going to be picking up the blogging baton again. Huzzah! Once a month I will be posting; whether it’s sharing a recent Utterly Wow wedding (oh I have some CORKERS this year!), indulging in a little ‘behind the scenes’ gossip, or just me needing to get something off my chest, my fingers are very keen to reconnect with my keyboard! I think they’ve missed each other.

Whilst the old Utter Blog is still live and will remain so for the forseeable future, new posts WILL NOT be published on there. So if you would like to keep up to date with me and Utterly Wow, you need to sign up to our NEWSLETTER (which I have no idea how to create yet but my web designer tells me I have one) on the Homepage or Contact page.

It turns out that transferring an entire blog to a new location is quite a fairly lengthy process. As such, if you’re having a particularly meticulous nose around the blog today you may notice that most posts don’t have featured images yet. I will be adding these as time allows. Apologies. Please don’t judge me.

HUGE thanks to the fab team who have helped Utterly Wow 2.0 come to life. That would be Caz from Making Waves Creative who took my brief and delved in to my inner mind to come up with the new Utterly Wow icon, a gorgeously vibrant colour palette, a font family and all other kinds of clever bits that say Utterly Wow in the most perfect way; Jessica Spokes who took all of Caz’s branding and turned it in to this clean, up to date, awesome website. I’m sure I’ve put her off working with a ‘creative’ ever again but she has the patience of a saint and I’m incredibly grateful for all of her hard work and skills; Jamie Ferguson, Joanne Truby and Hollie Noelle who photographed, provided flowers and made us look beautiful for the brand shoot images you see dotted around the website; and Helen, my stupendously brilliant assistant and friend.

That’s all for now! ‘Til next time you gorgeous lot.

Sama x

Sama x