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Three Weddings, a Lip Crayon and an Invitation

Hey folks, welcome one and all. And a very special welcome to new readers and followers- I’ve seen a little surge this week which is pretty peachy, let me tell you.

You know that saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’? Today’s post is a bit like that- a hodge podge of bits and pieces I felt compelled to share with you, for no particular reason and in no particular order. How particular. Shall we begin?

You Are Cordially Invited…

My invitations went out yesterday. Excuse me whilst I vocalise this.


Now the shit gets real, y’all. Point of no return and all that jazz. Over the next couple of days my nearest and dearest will be receiving directions, hotel information,transport instructions and pleas for cake, all housed in a pretty, gold sequinned package.  As with my Save The Dates I used the creative talents of Kate Ruth Romey to design me a suite that was colourful, fun and stylish, with both modern and rustic touches, and I’m thrilled with the final result.

I have to admit to having the odd Bridezilla moment during the design process though, getting way too concerned over which arrows were coral and which were hot pink, quibbling over the perfect shade of yellow for the festoon lamps and fussing over wording. And lets not even get started on the gold sequinned trim I decided to add on myself. Cue two whole evenings of measuring, cutting, glueing, sequin spilling and swearing profusely- all for something which will either break or get thrown away when it reaches it’s recipient. But hey, they’re total beauts and that’s the main thing.

Want a little peak? Oh go on then.



Wedding Wonders

The last week or so has seen another fantastic spout of quirky, colourful and creative weddings from the world wide web.  Oh yes, my favourite kind. You may already have seen them but I wanted to share with you my three favourites and I INSIST that (right after you’ve reached the end of this post) you go and ogle in full. Don’t you dare defy me…

Glitter Rainbow Wedding from Green Wedding Shoes

This wedding had me at ‘glitter’ and ‘rainbow’ but the bride’s report was also a total joy to read. Even if she is mad as a box of frogs.

A stunning bride with a ginormous chest tattoo, heart balloons, animal masks, glittery touches and that streamer backdrop- this wedding has p.e.r.s.o.n.a.l.i.t.y stamped all over it.

Vintage-inspired Brooklyn Wedding via 100 Layer Cake

Take a bride who is an event planner by trade, give her a beautiful warehouse-type space in the middle of Brooklyn and what do you get? Something uniquely special and full of clever touches, that’s what. All perfectly captured with such joyful, interesting photography, I felt I was there.

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

I LOVE the pops of colour, I LOVE the grey table linen, I LOVE the New Orleans marching band walking her down the aisle (can you imagine how much fun that was??) and don’t even get me started on that ‘Dance’ sign taped to the floor. I may or may not be unashamedly stealing that idea. Click here to see this wedding in full.

A Simple, Stylish Wedding via Love My Dress

This wedding was actually a last-minute addition, published on Love My Dress only yesterday evening, but I had to include it. This isn’t a wedding full of details. It’s not remotely contrived or ostentatious or trying to be something it’s not. You don’t get the impression the bride was addicted to wedding blogs throughout her entire engagement, something which I am most definitely guilty of… ahem.

What you do get is bridesmaids clutching bouquets of astilbe, a groom utterly in love with his new wife, a stunningly beautiful and unique bridal bouquet, and a bride who designed, pattern cut and made her thoroughly gorgeous and original wedding dress.

Genuine, effortlessly stylish and full of love- this wedding rocks. And all on British soil too. Whoop!

Lipstick Queen

I’ve been on the hunt for a new lip product for a little while now.  Actually, who am I kidding? I’ve been thinking about going on the hunt for a new lip product for a while now. (‘Thinking’ is not ‘doing’, Sama. Must remember that.)

I struggle with lip products.  Glosses can be too sticky; catching hairs, coming off when you eat or drink, scaring boyfriends off.  But I find lipsticks a little too… industrial.  I hate, hate, hate dry lips, so am usually found with a mini pot of Rosy Lips Vaseline somewhere on my being, but although this leaves my lips feeling luxuriously soft, I’ve found myself craving a stronger, long-lasting pop of colour.

I think I’ve found it.


The Poppy King Lip Crayon

Poppy King is an Australian entrepreneur and ‘lipstick guru’ (I’d never heard of her either- my bad) who has recently teamed up with Boots to bring these lip crayons to the lipstick market.

I was rather taken by the cute packaging and bright colours, and, completely bamboozled by which colour to buy, I ended up coming home with two (whoops): ‘Skipping’- a muted, berry red, and ‘Playing’ a bright coral.

I have to say, I’m a fan. You get the precision of a lip pencil for shape definition, but the texture is smooth, creamy and light, with pretty good colour-staying power and a hint of gloss. Plus you get a handy little sharpner in the lid. More hygienic than a twist cap, apparently.

I would do some pictures to show how they look on but I look dog-rough this morning and it would put you off your breakfast. This beauty blogger has done it for me though, if you’re interested.

And with that I’m going to love you and leave you. The gym is calling and despite me putting my fingers in my ears and screaming “LA LA LA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU, LA LA LA!”, I must go. Wedding dress, Sama, wedding dress.

Sama xxx

Sama x