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Three Bridesmaids & A Little Shopping Trip

Hello Uttersons! And a happy Monday to you all.  Phew, the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind for me! With my best friend’s Hen Weekend followed by my own birthday and a week of celebrations and social commitments with friends and family I’ve not had a chance to blog, gym, or even tidy the house.  I am SO looking forward to getting back to some sort of routine!

But today I wanted to introduce you to three very important ladies in my life… my bevy of beauteous bridesmaids. Or bestest ladies, if you will.



Me and Nic attempting 50s chic at a Rock N Roll night.

Nic is my oldest, oldest friend.  Growing up she lived about 20 doors down the road from me and we were at primary and secondary school together (along with Louise below), and, thanks to her texting Paul from my phone one night about 12 years ago, you could say she is partially responsible for our entire relationship (although I’m sure she’d say fully!).

Hair disasters, boy woes, holidays and secret tattoos, we’ve done it all together, and even though she tells me off more than my own Mother (she is a teacher- go figure), she’s a brilliant friend and I love her unconditionally.


Channelling Madonna at my 25th.

Also at primary and secondary school with me, Lou lived a little further down the road, and after a brief spell of competing for Nicola’s friendship and attention, we soon became close ourselves and a little trio was formed that we dubbed ‘The Three Musketeers’.

Lou and I shared a passion for horses, and many weekends and summer nights were spent down the stables where she owned and I loaned a couple of four-legged friends. But our friendship runs so much deeper than that. She is loud, opinionated, clever, ambitious and incredibly hard-working.  As naff as it sounds I am so proud of the woman she has become, and can’t wait to be her bridesmaid in less than 4 weeks time!


A pair of posers, Sarah and I.

Ahhh, Sarah. Also at secondary school together our friendship didn’t truly blossom until GCSEs, when we were put in the same English class.  A couple of complete show-offs we vyed for attention from a particular teacher for a few years before he left, Sarah mourned dramatically, and we realised we actually had a pretty immense friendship without him.

A mutual love of karaoke, dancing and taking lots of pictures (mainly of ourselves), she was always going to be Bridesmaid #3… until I decided just to keep it to The Three Musketeers (see above).  Not happy with this, Sarah cornered me one drunken night and lay out why she’d be a brilliant bridesmaid.  And I uttered the immortal words “Oh, go on then.” 🙂

The Shopping Trip

On Friday night we met after work outside Topshop on Oxford Street and set out to find bridesmaid dresses for these three women of wonder.

My brief was simple: different dresses, same colour palette, up to £100.

I was (and still am) determined for them not to look like traditional bridesmaids, and to find them a dress that they will absolutely 100% wear again. And look HOT in.  My colour palette was pretty open- coral, red, pink, orange, yellow, gold sequins… warm, fiery colours, all of which will be appearing at the wedding.

Nic had given me some ribbons from Ikea that made her think of me and we were loosely working to that- Sarah had bagsied coral/orange, Lou had shot-gunned red, and Nic had gracefully ended up with pink.  But with Topshop full of mini skirts, cut out waists and uber-trendy Londonites rifling manically through the sale rails, our trip didn’t get off to the best start.

In Monsoon, Nic tried on a cute little white/gold shift dress that she looked hot in, but it wasn’t until we got to Coast that the fun started.

The new flagship Coast store on Oxford Street is pretty damn lush.  Newly opened a couple of weeks ago it has luxury furnishings, a large, private fitting room for groups, a genuine vintage collection alongside their signature occasion wear, and a really rather impressive selection of affordable bridal gowns.

Invited in to the private fitting room we enjoyed trying on a selection of potential bridesmaid dresses (Lou and Nic), a va va voom vintage piece (Sarah), and a £450 wedding dress (me, obviously), whilst a lovely lady served us drinks and even posed for a picture when we were trying to photograph a particular colour combination.

The huge fitting room at Coast, Oxford St, that we had to ourselves.

Lou and Nic in a couple of potentials.

How do I tell her that black’s not in the colour scheme?

A really rather nice dress for £450! (Although I didn’t like the neckline.)

After a quick meander in John Lewis (nothing) we headed to House of Fraser, where, with closing time rapidly approaching Sarah picked up a little French Connection number and said to me, “What do you think of this?”.

What I thought was that she looked HOT in it, the colours were spot on, and reduced to £54 from £135 in the sale, it was a bloody bargain.  Not to mention the fact that a picture of the very dress is sitting in my Blog Photos file right now, as I had originally spotted it  when putting together this little blog post a couple of months ago.  It didn’t make the blog in the end, but the fact I’d noticed it as a potential bridesmaid dress, and then Sarah had picked it up herself and loved it… well it was a done deal.

Sarah in her French Connection bridesmaid bargain. And granny socks.

So with one dress purchased, Sarah has unintentionally set the concrete colour scheme.  The coral dress Louise tried on in Coast is still a potential (although at £145 I want her to LOVE it), but sadly the yellow sequinned number that Nic tried on is out.  I’m determined to get her in sequins though- gold preferably- and if we can find some set on a nude/dusky pink dress… happy days.

And Sarah, just because I know you loved them…

The Whoop Coral Glitter Wedge from Miss Selfridge. Only £45!

Thanks for a fun and fashion-filled Friday night, ladies.

Uttersons, there will be a Part 2…

Sama xxx

Sama x

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  1. Sassy T

    Brilliant. Not sure if I’m a fan of the description ‘cornering’ you… though admittedly, this very much could have been construed as the case; three bottles of wine were involved.

    Very very excited about all of this. Maybe not about having to starve myself at the wedding though. xxx


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