7th June 2013 . Private Bits

The Waiting Game

Uttersons, sincere apologies for no post this week. Not only am I back at work and back in to the regular routine of life (with lots of catching up to do!), but I’ve struggled with what to blog about, given that I’m waiting for the (hopefully) amazing photographs!

No matter what subject I thought I could potentially write about, I felt the post would miss the accompanying images. So I hope you don’t mind playing the waiting game for a little while longer…

Next week I’ll share a bit about our lovely mini-moon but right now I’m on a train up to ‘Ull (that’s Hull to you and me) for an epic University reunion weekend. Snakebite for a pound, old faces, best friends and memories galore. Just no snogging every male in sight as I actually used to do. Ahem.

Have fabulous weekends one and all!

Sama xxx

Sama x

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