17th December 2013 . Private Bits

The Utter Blog’s End of Year Survey of Dreams

I wasn’t going to post at all this week as I can feel myself winding down in preparation for a time of relaxation and Christmas decadence (extra large croissant and nutella for breakfast again, you say? Oh go on then…). But as we approach the end of one year and the beginning of another, I thought it was about time I put together a little survey regarding this blog of mine.

You see, I witter on about weddings and the like, but I don’t know so much about you. You gorgeous creatures who follow the blog and read my ramblings and share my posts and spread the word. Some of you comment occasionally,which I love; some of you send me emails telling me all about your forthcoming wedding or how you stumbled upon The Utter Blog and read it all in 24 hours, which I love even more; but the majority of you are the quiet types, ever present but oh so mysterious. You may like it this way, but I have no idea who you are or why you read The Utter Blog. So I thought I’d ask.

There’s a general consensus amongst bloggers that the way people react to blogs is changing. Where once the number of comments a post received was a sign of it’s popularity and worth, this isn’t so much the case anymore. With the blogosphere expanding at a rate of knots, a Facebook share or a Twitter retweet can mean just as much in a world where we have blogs and online communities coming out of our ears. And I’m no saint; I currently follow 35 blogs on my reader (Bloglovin’ if you’re wondering) and I may only comment on 3 or 4 of them. The rest I enjoy in silence. So I get it. I understand.

But this does leave me wondering a little bit… Who are you and why do you read The Utter Blog? How did you find it and what kinds of posts do you come here for? I’ve asked all this and more in this very short and sweet survey you will see below. PLEASE take 5 minutes now, or come back over the next week or so to fill it in. Whether you’re a new visitor, an old faithful or a family member (hi Mum), I’d love to hear your anonymous views on what you do and don’t like about The Utter Blog and where you’d like to see it go from here (if anywhere!).

At this point I should probably offer some sort of reward or prize to those who give me 5 minutes of their time, but I don’t have anything. Sozza. What I can give you is gratitude, love and a virtual high five for being so ruddy awesome.

Thank you 🙂

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This is the penultimate post from me this year. There will be one more bumper of a post after Christmas that will take a look back at the supremely wonderful year that was 2013. It’s making me a teeny little bit emotional already.  In the meantime, have a very happy, relaxing, mince-pie-and-charade-filled Christmas one and all. Come find me on Twitter or Instagram if you want to keep up to date with my festive shenanigans. And spread the survey love.


Sama xxx

Sama x