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The Statement Necklace

I was on my own at the shop on Monday when a lady came to the door.  I wasn’t expecting anyone for an appointment so, slightly suspicious (we get a lot of door-to-door sellers in Blackheath), I opened the door and offered a friendly but firm ‘How can I help you?’ smile.

Sukie was her name, and she was an Independent Stylist from Stella & Dot, a New York based jewellery company that I’d never heard of before. (I tell you- a fashionista I am not.)  She wanted to invite me to a jewellery sale she was hosting the next day, and as she handed me a flyer and started talking me through all the pieces she was wearing I found myself stepping back and letting her in.

Stella & Dot jewellery, via Homegirl Quel

The Stella & Dot jewellery line is right up my street.  Think bold, chunky, costume-style jewellery with a slightly boho/slightly rocky edge. The company has been going for 8 years now, and with the jewellery only being sold through these independent stylists (a bit like an Avon lady) or online (via your stylist’s own web page so that they get a percentage as well- genius), it’s been hailed as a revolutionary ‘social-selling’ concept and has been incredibly well-received; with a big celebrity and style-guru following.

Collage from Stella & Dot website

Gorgeous, eh?

But this post isn’t about Stella & Dot… Sukie’s visit mainly got me thinking about bridal jewellery and how it has the capacity to be a little… well, boring.  Who says that the jewellery worn on your wedding day has to be delicate and ‘timeless’? A simple solitaire diamond necklace or a string of pearls can work utterly beautifully if having a very classic, elegant wedding.  But for something a bit more modern, fresh, colourful and fashion-forward… do you dare to go big and bold?

Image from itsrageandlove

As I mentioned in my proposal story post, I had always intended to use the diamond from my grandmother’s engagement ring to make something a bit chunkier and a little more ‘me’.  I couldn’t do it in the end because the beautiful ring felt too sacred to change, but I am generally drawn to statement pieces.  You could have called me Pat Butcher through my teens; big earrings were most definitely my thing.  Chandaliers, massive hoops that practically touched my shoulders, peacock feathers… I wasn’t dressed until my ears were suitably adorned.

But then my ears started to get infected.  And despite trying to ‘cleanse’ them with simple real gold studs and periods of time with no earrings in at all, I’m sad to say that my ears flare up now at just a whiff of metal.  In fact I haven’t been wearing earrings for about five years- bar an acting job last year where I was playing a gold-hopped chav and I was in so much pain after I couldn’t touch my ears for days! Necklaces are now definitely my thing.  Big old, chunky, bejewelled necklaces that say “I am more important and more beautiful than anything else you are wearing, you poor attempt at a fashionista”.  (That’s me the necklace is talking to- obviously.)

I LOVE brides that are bold enough to wear a big-old necklace on their wedding day.  To me it screams personality and teamed with a simple dress and perhaps a matching cuff it makes for an incredibly stylish look.

Here are some gorgeous brides going big and bold on their wedding day…

What a necklace- and what a dress!
(NK Photography via Style Me Pretty)

A leather and jade combination for this boho bride.
(Ellie Grover via Green Wedding Shoes)

Why do a string of pearls when you can do several?!
(Jen Rodriguez via Ruffled)

This bride shows that statement doesn’t have to mean chunky.
(Modern Photographic via Love My Dress)

Love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE!
Brooke Courtney Photography via Postcards & Pretties

And to finish where we started… a bride in Stella & Dot.
(Kristin Vining Photography via Style Me Pretty)

So what do you think?  I have merely touched the surface of where you can go with bridal jewellery but for now let’s just pay homage to these brides bold enough to go big.

Anyone else going for a statement necklace?  Personally I plan to wear my grandmother’s necklace for the ceremony- a large aquamarine heart  on a fairly long chain which is simply beautiful.  But I may not be able to resist going big and chunky for the evening…

I have a feeling there will be many more jewellery-related posts to come.

Sama xxx

Sama x