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The Gender Scan- Do I Find Out?

So I have my halfway scan tomorrow. Technically this is the anomaly scan; an incredibly important point of the pregnancy journey when they have a thorough explore and make sure the babe has all the right organs in the right place, the correct number of fingers and toes, or any other signs of anything out of the ordinary. But, of course, for many parents-to-be, the more exciting element of this scan (the last one most people have before they actually meet baby) is the chance to find out the gender.


We weren’t going to but I’m wavering.

Reasons for NOT finding out:

  • Because it’s traditional not to
  • Because it’s fun to speculate and guess
  • Because I like the challenge of creating a fun, colourful baby’s room that could suit either sex
  • Because it may help me push harder come labour…? (Tenuous, much?)
  • Because I may not get as attached should something horrible happened…. (I used to think this before I was pregnant but now I’m here I’m not so sure).

Reasons FOR finding out:

  • Because tomorrow is my last opportunity
  • Because actually, I’ve had the briefest of looks at the baby section of TK Maxx, and unisex clothes (and other baby items) are boring and few and far between
  • Because I can be more specific with pre-baby shopping. Not that I’m going to be ‘pink’ or ‘blue’ but there is SO much more choice once you know
  • Because we can choose a name- or at least focus our energies on one gender
  • Because it would be nice to refer to the baby as ‘he’ or ‘she’ rather than ‘it’
  • Because… I just kinda want to.

So readers, a brief poll. Should I? Would you? Did you find out and then wish you hadn’t? Or did you stay strong and then spend the remaining 20 weeks wishing you had? What are the pros and cons?

I’ve got 24 hours. Talk to me…

Sama xx

Sama x

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4 Responses to “The Gender Scan- Do I Find Out?”

  1. Charlotte Steventon-Kiy

    Do it!!! We did and it appears we were on the minority amongst our baby friends. I always wanted to find out…it really helped me to bond with Flo before she was born. Also, I’d highly recommend a 3d scan too. We weren’t going to do it but due to confusion about the gender we went for one. Best.experience.ever! You could actually see her face! We’ve had lots of fun comparing the pics to her now! So happy for you lovely lady. Xxx

  2. Sarah

    Halfway already, wow! I hope the scan goes well and alleviates some of your worries 🙂

    About the gender…I’ve not had a baby, but when I do I plan to find out the gender in advance – I think it’d be a nice way to help us prepare for the imminent arrival (both mentally and practically!), plus I worry that towards the end of the pregnancy my undoubtedly highly-hormonal self would get angry and emotional about not knowing in advance! But ultimately it’s whatever feels right for you and Paul – ignore tradition and practicality, and go for what feels right in your heart!

    Sarah x

    • Jane

      Did you find out!?

      I was desperate to and don’t regret it at all and it was so exciting being told what we were having………….infact I was so desperate to know we went for an early private scan!

      …….we still got a surprise but it was just a few months earlier than if we had waited till the birth and I don’t regret it one bit.



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