15th May 2013 . Amazing Wedding

The Final Countdown: 10 Days…

My WordPress counter says 11 days but that’s a big fat lie- tomorrow is in one days time, which means next Saturday is in ten days time. Next Saturday… ten days! S**t the actual bed. And excuse my French.

I’m nearly there. Nearly. The wedding account has taken a severe beating whilst my online shopping habit has spiralled out of control. The instant camera has film, and there’s a guest book and pens to write in it with. Paul’s outfit is complete (bar his trousers being taken up) and my final dress fitting is this afternoon. Last minute streamers, chalk board pens and fishing wire have been purchased and are on their way and I’m in the process of booking ladder and van hire for the wedding weekend. The first batch of Canadian relatives arrived on Sunday and my Mum is staring desperately at her peony bushes which are showing no sign of flowering in time. Damn our long, cold winter.

I’m not quite there though. Although the To-Do list is rapidly depleting, the ‘Week Of’ timetable is yet to be constructed and more than a little daunting. Paul and I went to the barn for a final time over the weekend and wow, that ceiling is high. (And we’ve got to put a lot up there.) I did ‘practice’ walking in towards him though and he didn’t have a panic attack which is A GOOD THING. Sadly I’ve done what I promised myself I wouldn’t do and become addicted to checking the weather forecast. I wish I hadn’t. Oh, and this morning I’ve woken up with a stonking cold. Awesome.

But I’m feeling positive. And hugely excited. And just to prove to you how ruddy excited I am, I thought I’d put together a list of things I’m most looking forward to about the day. This is The Ultimate Wedding List…

  • Waking my almost-husband up in the morning with a kiss and a whisper of we’re getting married today...
  • Getting ready with my bridesmaids in the beautiful surroundings of Waters End Farm.
  • The arrival of hair guru, Cassandra Rizzuto, who will be turning my limp locks in to boho lusciousness.
  • Seeing my best girls together in their mix-and-match outfits for the first time.
  • The delivery of mine and the bridesmaids’ bouquets courtesy of the lovely Bloomin’gayles– I really can’t wait to see what she produces.
  • Wearing my beautiful flower garland- an old piece that my Mum wore on her wedding day and given a new, colourful lease of life by Sophie at Crown and Glory.
  • Saying our vows.
  • Listening to our good friends sing one of my favourite songs (whilst the celebrant attempts to get me to sign the marriage register- probably bad timing on my part).
  • Having confetti thrown over us as we walk back down the aisle.
  • That first glass of Prosecco.
  • Seeing what our guests are wearing! (An odd one I know, but I love the thought that people have taken time choosing what to wear.)
  • Sneaking off for our couple shots and kissing my new husband. Lots.
  • That second glass of Prosecco.
  • Poking my head in the barn before guests are asked to take their seats and seeing the fruits of our 17-month labour in place and complete.
  • Eating.
  • Having all of our favourite people in the same room at the same time, for possibly the only time in our entire lives.
  • Seeing said favourite people tucking in to the food, drinking the wine, laughing, mingling and just generally enjoying themselves.
  • The speeches…. sort of. This is a love/hate one for me. Generally the speeches are my favourite part of a wedding but it’s different when it’s your own. And they’re about you. And you know how nervous the speech-givers are. And you may be saying a few words yourself.
  • The arrival of more friends and family in the evening. (I might insist that Pink’s Let’s Get The Party Started is played at this point.)
  • The arrival of the band.
  • Stealing Paul away for a late night walk and some time out.
  • Admiring our wedding rings that don’t have to be put back in their boxes now.
  • Probably some more kissing.
  • Hitting that dancefloor for the final hour.
  • The last song. Because it’s a good one.

Oh it’s enough to make a girl giddy.

I’ll be back next week, folks, for the final pre-wedding installment. Expect gushing.

Sama xxx



Sama x

5 Responses to “The Final Countdown: 10 Days…”

  1. MrsBiffy

    Sama, how exciting! We were officially married 10.5 days ago and it is as wonderful as your list of exciting things. It really is. The only thing I would say is (and my wedding is about the 2nd I’ve ever attended, I know you are more seasoned than i!). The minute you get on that wedding roller coaster, no matter how calm you are, you won’t get off until every guest has gone home. There is so much I can’t remember and that makes me so frustrated! Try, if possible to step back and take a sneaky peek from where no one can see you both. I wish I did that. Oh and I wish I had checked my hair at the same time…. It had a party all of it’s own ;o) Ahhh, this next 10 days will be amazing, full of love and joy, lap it up lady! xx

    • theutterblog

      Haha, Mrs Biffy- what a lovely comment. And congratulations to you! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! I can fully empathise with your hair having it’s own party- I am definitely going to be assigning face/hair check duties to someone. Bring on the rollercoaster xx

  2. charlotteelborough

    Arrrhhh Sama!!!! You get married in 9 days now! Eekkk. I’m so very excited for you lovely. I cannot wait to see your beautiful day in pictures…secretly wish I could be there! You don’t need another pair of hands do you?!!! xxx

  3. Sam Wilkinson

    Hi Sama. I’ve only recently found your amazing blog – which is so exciting as I will be having my reception there next April. Your ideas seem to be so similar to mine – so take it as a compliment that I will be stealing all your ideas!!! hehe
    In a very strange twist of fate, I also found out that one of my closest friends will be waitressing at your wedding on Saturday!! So in a totally non creepy way I have my own little spy!! The catering company is amazing as I have done some work for them myself, they will not let you down in the slightest and the food is soooo yummy.
    Congratulations in advance and I look forward to hearing about your post wedding bliss and all the highlights from what is sure to be an amazing day.
    Best Wishes

    • theutterblog

      Ahh, good to hear from you Sam! Thanks for the lovely comment and I’m glad you found me and the blog. Been in the barn all day today and let me tell you, I did not expect to be hiring a last minute heater at the end of May. It’s bloody freezing! Will be fab though… I hope. And so reassuring to hear nice things about Tatlers! Can’t wait for the food and I will look out for the waitress with a camera 😉 xx


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