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The Family Shot

I was on the blog of photographer Emma Case the other day, reading a post in which she opened up and answered questions from her readers about her business, style, beginnings etc. One of the questions that particularly resonated with me was on the subject of formal shots, and how wedding blogs and magazines are filled with images of details and couple portraits, but group shots (which nearly everyone will have in some form or another) are rarely seen.  Emma posted a few lovely group images from her weddings, and it got me thinking about a particular image that I glance at nearly every day.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, you see (don’t pity me iPhone users- I actually really like it), and one of the features I particularly love is a gallery on the home screen that continually flashes up your favourite images from your phone. One such image is a picture of a picture, taken at my Granny’s funeral in November where lots of pictures of her life had been pinned up on the wall.  I took lots of pictures of pictures that day, but my favourite is one from my Mum and Dad’s wedding thirty-odd years ago.


This, in my mind, is the perfect family shot.

That’s my Granny, on the right, being chastised by my Uncle Chris for not looking at the camera probably (she hated posed shots!). My gorgeous Grandad is standing proud in the centre, surrounded by his sisters and nieces, and there’s my Mum and Dad at the front, looking relaxed and vibrant and just joyful.

There’s no pretentiousness, no awkward posing; just a gathering of family members, some careful framing, a rallying cry and a click of the camera.

For all the work I’m doing creating beautiful details for my wedding day, I hope that, at the heart of it, there are beautiful family shots like this.

Sama xxx

P.s. This isn’t the blog post for the week. I’m in the midst of another ‘detail’ post, and didn’t manage to finish it time. Whoops. Come back on Friday for my usual non-soppy detail-related diatribe 😉


Sama x

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  1. KateQ

    My family have a bit of a tradition of doing family photo shoots for big occasions and although sometimes they are kind of awful I always remember the day of getting them done as we’d always have a big lunch so each photo has a lot of memories.

    We had no family/group shots at our wedding at all and no-one really mentioned it. But this Christmas my in-laws gave us a photo that they had taken at the wedding that happened to have most of their side of the family in and us…but they had photoshopped my husband’s grandad in over another guest who they didn’t know (but is a close friend of ours!) to get everyone in one shot It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. Maybe they were more bothered by the lack of family shots than we thought!

  2. Amanda

    So true. You do want family shots, because you will want to remember all your guests, and your family the most I guess. At a wedding of a close friend the photographer was a photojournalist in origin, and the shots are great, but he did not do any of those shots and as a result some people that were there and we rarely see are not in the photos at all. A bit of a shame.
    But, but, I do love spontaneous photos. So if the photographer can manage to make group photos that look spontaneous and capture the joy like the one above, then that’s ideal.


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