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The Ceremony Backdrop

Last Friday I popped down to the venue to talk festoon lighting with a production company.  As always, it was lovely to be in the barn and I’m confident that all the styling ideas currently floating around my head and on various bits of scrap paper around the house are going to look fab.  However, my visit was a reminder that when it comes to the ceremony backdrop, I’m still a little stuck.

We are essentially getting married against a wooden wall.  A very beautiful wooden wall, but a wooden wall nonetheless.  As a fledgling wedding planner and stylist, the aesthetics are very important to me so I’m keen to make something beautiful and unique that a) will look fabulous in the photos and b) make saying those all-important vows seem even more momentous. (Attention-seeker? Moi? I’d like to say an Old Romantic…)

The aforementioned wooden wall.

The picture above is from a venue visit that took place back in May, so ignore the gazebos, but where my Mum is standing is pretty much where Paul will be.  And I will be opposite him.  The Great Barn has fantastic height so my instinct is to create something that hangs from that second beam, level with the chandelier in the picture.  But what exactly? Now that is a good question…

Petal Power

I love flowers.  And I have said before that I want them everywhere at the wedding.  A hanging floral backdrop is simple, rustic and ever so sweet… but could also be pretty expensive.  And a little bit time consuming to put together the day before.  So pretty though!

Image by Chantel Marie Photography via Style Me Pretty

Let There Be Light

Light is magical.  I’m hoping that saying my vows to the man I love is going to be magical. Light and love and magic.  Sounds like a pretty damn perfect ceremony to me.

Ribbons & Streamers

Of all the types of backdrop you can make, hanging ribbons or streamers from a pole is probably the easiest to do.  Choosing a beautiful colour palette or even adding a touch of sparkle can make it personal to you and your wedding.  I’ll need a huge amount of ribbon to reach the floor at my venue, but I’m thoroughly tempted…

Image by Meg Perotti via Ruffled

Swathes of Fabric

There’s something about the word ‘swathe’ that gets me going. Soft and luxurious and all-encompassing, I think some simple folds of hanging fabric can create the most evocative of backdrops. Here are some of my favourites, ranging from an art installation, to two simple swags:

Best of the Rest

The wedding industry is positively over-flowing with talented, creative folk, so from kooky to crafty you can find all kinds of backdrop wonders on t’interweb. A bit like the paper cranes I’ve cooed over before, I think some of these might be a little too quirky for Paul and I, but I applaud these creative cats nonetheless:

Image via Lil’ Sugar

But by far the image that gets my heart racing the most is this beautiful creation below that combines a bit of everything; fabric, ribbon, layers and light- all set against a rustic brick background.

Image by Tec Petaja via Once Wed

My mind boggles at how this was put together, and more surprisingly (as you can’t really tell from this image), it’s actually a chuppah– so the bride and groom can stand underneath it rather than just in front.  How incredibly romantic is that??

So folks, which of these float your boat?  And which of these many beauties shall I try to recreate for my own wooden wall??

Hmmm… *scratches chin thoughtfully*… we shall just have to wait and see.

Sama xxx

Sama x

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  1. Kelly

    We were at the venue on Saturday for our second viewing – working out the details for our wedding in August. It was also the first time we had taken our parents to see it so there were lots of ideas bouncing around and we seem to be having the same discussions as you regarding the backdrop to the ceremony. My instant thought was muslin drapes and the image you have from 100 Layer Cake seems an excellent example of this. I imagine it with some fairy lights as well. I do love the idea hanging flowers, maybe a combination of the both? I know they aren’t as nice as the real thing but fake flowers might be an idea, a compromise to save time?

    The barn is so rich in colour and texture I think something simple will be really nice.

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