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The Bed Time Routine

Do you have a bed time routine?  I definitely do. It’s a routine I’ve carefully honed over the years, and one which I seem to be adding to as I get older and more needs to be done to look after myself.  I am by no means a beauty specialist when it comes to looking after my skin (I love face wipes- there, I’ve said it), but keeping my skin as moist and supple and nourished as possible is important to me.  Especially before bed.

My night time routine is second nature to me.  I enjoy spending those 10-15 minutes taking things off and putting things on and rubbing things in and generally winding down before getting in to bed.  Paul, on the other hand, is a brush teeth/have a wee/jump in to bed kinda guy.  The closest he comes to a skincare routine is a daily spot check in the mirror and a quick squeeze if he sees anything vaguely suspicious. (I have seriously played this down- spot squeezing is by far his worst habit- it drives me mad!!)

Even if I have headed upstairs ten minutes before him, he’s still in bed before me, watching with bemusement from behind his book (we read in bed- so rock and roll) as I go about my night time ceremonials.  The other night, as I was doing one of my more unattractive rituals (all will be revealed shortly), he pondered out loud whether other men were as lucky as he to have such an attractive and mysterious girlfriend (very fond of sarcasm is my fiancé). So I thought I’d share my bed time routine on here… partly as a curiosity project (I’d love to know what other peoples routines are), but mainly to try and get some justification for making my ablutions public, or for not going to bed in a little lacey number every night (or any night for that matter- I may as well be honest).

The Great Bed Time Routine…

So first things first, I hit the bathroom.   I brush my teeth, rinse my face and go to the loo.  No need to dwell on anything there.

 Back in my bedroom I head to my box of tricks- a white wicker basket containing my toiletries.  The first thing that comes off is the remains of my make-up.  I use face wipes.  The pink ones by Johnson & Johnson to be precise.  They are by far the best- lovely and wet when they go on, but quick to dry without being too drying… if you know what I mean.  I know that face wipes are frowned upon by the beauty gurus that be but I love them. So there.

 After the make-up has come off, the night time moisturiser goes on.  I’m currently using the Regeneration Age Resisting Night Cream from Simple and have done for the last year or so I guess (I use the day time cream as well).  I like the Simple philosophy and I like the Simple price.  I’ve always been prone to dry skin (hence the many moisturisers I use), but this cream feels rich and nourishing without a hint of greasiness.  My only gripe is that due to the packaging and the integral ‘pump system’ you never know when it’s going to run out… until it’s too late.

 After the face moisturiser comes the eye cream; a new addition to the bed time routine following the advice of Hazel Burford, a make-up artist who I had a trial with a few weeks ago.  The eye cream I have started with is Soap & Glory *Make Yourself Youthful* Eye Cream.  Not having done any research prior to purchase I adopted my usual tactic of going with a mid-range product that looked good.  At £12 it’s not the cheapest eye cream out there, but it’s definitely not the most expensive either.  And who doesn’t love the Soap & Glory quirky packaging? It’s still early days with this product, but so far so good.

Face done, the night time routine enters the phase I shall call the ‘Probably Shouldn’t Make This Public But I’m Going To Anyway’ phase.  It’s the part that keeps the sexual chemistry between Paul and I neatly ticking over, and the part that reminds him just how lucky he is to have me…

Step 1: The Nose Blow.

Seriously, who wants to go to bed with nasal obstructions? Not me.  I don’t know when or why this became part of my night time ritual, but just as I can’t go in to the cinema without going to the loo first, I have to clear my airways before getting in to bed. Please can someone tell me that they do this as well? Anyone? No?…

Step 2 (and this is where the magic really happens): The Foot File.

Yes, most nights before getting in to bed I give my feet a quick file.  Now let me explain- I have dry feet.  Like, really dry feet.  My teenage years were spent crying over cracked heels, experimenting with various foot creams and dreading the P.E lessons that took place in bare feet.  This is a blessing in that my feet never smell.  Like ever.  But the ‘sanding down’ that Paul has to endure on a thrice-weekly basis is definitely a curse.  In Paul’s own words as he reads this over my shoulder: “I’ve picked a goodun’.”

I’m pleased to say though, that my feet have vastly improved over the last couple of years.  I actually quite like them now, and cracked heels are definitely a thing of the past.  And the product that has saved them? Soap & Glory Heel Genius- the best foot cream on the market, and the product that gets generously applied in this last stage of the bed time routine.

Feet soft and supple, and Paul’s bunion jokes out the way (I don’t have bunions), it’s nearly time to put head to pillow.

But just as I hate dry feet and a dry face, I hate dry lips so on goes the Vaseline (I use the Rosy Lips one), swiftly followed by Soap & Glory Hand Food- yet another winner from the beauty dons that are Soap & Glory.  Like the rest of my dehydrated self, dry hands are the bane of my life, and this bad boy gets applied several times a day.  I love it.  By far and away my ‘couldn’t live without’ product.  (And Soap & Glory are a British company- doesn’t it make you proud?)

But I digress… it is so nearly bed time! Hands moisturised, the final product to go on is none other than Solar Oil.  For my poor old neglected nail beds, you see.  Working with pins and zips all day takes its toll on sensitive hands, and I like to let the Solar Oil work its magic on my cuticles as I slumber.

And I’m done! Night time routine finished. I am spent. I take my Pill with a final swig of water and turn to Paul to let the magic begin… Except of course, it’s taken me so long to get here that my darling boyfriend is now fast asleep.  Brilliant.

The Great Bed Time Routine; a skin saviour and a passion killer all in one.

So go on, share yours… Does anyone have a routine to rival mine or am I quite simply in a league of my own?  What’s your ‘can’t live without’ beauty product?

Forever foot filing,

Sama xxx

Sama x

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