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Sunday Utterings…

Evening all, and a Happy Easter to you!

I have to say, as a non-religious person and self-confessed ignoramus when it comes to the finer details of Jesus’ death, I feel a little fraudulent celebrating this time of the year.  However, a bank holiday weekend is always welcome, as is the copious amount of chocolate now sitting brazenly in front of the fireplace.  I swear, it is daring me to eat it all in one go, but I will try to make it last…

Today Paul and I went down to my Mum’s for a lovely luncheon of roast lamb and vegetables fresh from her garden.  We played a leisurely game of Articulate (there are always games at my family’s house- Paul hates games, mwa ha ha haaa…), and sampled my Mum’s first attempt at The Wedding Cake.

Yes, my amazing mother has nominated herself as cake-maker extroadinaire for the wedding.  This is no mean feat- prior to getting engaged I had a VERY clear idea of what I wanted when it came to the baked goods.

  1. It would be a cake and dessert rolled in to one.  It saves money and ensures it gets eaten.
  2. It would be chocolatey.  And gooey. (Hate dry cake!)
  3. It would be encased in chocolatey swirly finger thingys, and be piled high with seasonal berries.
  4. It would be served with jugs of cream for a lovely, rustic, decadent pud.

Something like this is my idea of perfection…

from Patisserie Valerie (only £800...!!)

Today my mum had made a flour-less chocolate cake which she served with the berries and homemade lemon ice-cream (I tell you- she’s a goddess in the kitchen!).  The cake was moist (big tick) but so, so rich- it tasted more like a dark chocolate torte to me, so she’s under instruction to attempt a more gateaux-like creation next time!  (I really am so grateful though- and will be very proud to tell people on the day that she has made it :))

I actually have the next TWO days off, as it’s Paul’s birthday on Tuesday. We were going to go down to Whitstable tomorrow and spend the day/night there, but rain is forecast, and Whitstable is no fun in the rain so we’re staying at home instead.  We will potter around tomorrow and see his family in the evening for a celebratory meal, and then spend a day together on Tuesday, probably in London village.  I’m on the look-out for a decent exhibition or something, although I’m thoroughly tempted to take him to watch Titanic 3D at the Imax.  I’m not sure he’d ever forgive me though…

Anyone been to a good exhibition or equivalent in Londinium recently?

Enjoy the rest of your weekends, one and all.

Sama xxx


Sama x

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2 Responses to “Sunday Utterings…”

  1. kwaitie

    Hmm, that cake looks lush although I don’t think I could ever pay £800!
    Lovely your mummy’s making yours 🙂
    We really enjoyed V&A & natural history, both free and right next door. Lovely lunch & cheeky vino in V&A restaurant Xx


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