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Sunday Utterings #5

It’s the end of a three-day weekend for me so I thought I’d catch up with you ‘orrible lot and share my week’s achievements and discoveries.  In bullet-point, of course. ‘Tis really the only way.

  • Friday started bright and early with a 9am cut and blow dry to trim the ends and cut my fringe which, quite frankly, had got preposterous.  I decided to experiment with a short, choppy fringe this time, instead of my usual blunt, just below the eyebrows job.  The jury’s out as to whether I like it.  From some angles I see cute elfin, from others I see Lloyd Christmas from Dumb & Dumber.  And I’m slightly paranoid it makes my nostrils look even bigger than they already are.  I do, however, enjoy being able to see at all times.
  • Hair chopped, I headed in to town for an afternoon of gift purchasing (for my Mum) and window shopping (for me).  I had zero intention of spending any money on myself as I have none and payday is still weeks away, but then fate decided to intervene…

Charcoal Knit & Woven Jacket, Mint Velvet

  • You see, whilst looking for a present for my Mum a couple of weeks ago, I’d wandered over to the Mint Velvet concession at House of Fraser in Bluewater.  Heading straight over to a particular garment, I instantly fell for it’s woollen cardigan-like body, and soft suede blazer-like lapels.  My first thought was that I loved it, my second thought was that my Mum would as well, and my third thought was, £79? Bugger.  I would have spent that much on my Mum, but seeing as I wouldn’t have been happy not getting one for myself either, I stared at it forlornly for a little while and then walked away.
  • The following week I went back, having decided I would get it for my Mum anyway, only to discover they didn’t have it in her size. Curses!
  • Cut to Friday afternoon in House of Fraser, Oxford Street, and I’ve already bought my Mum a lovely little bracelet but am wandering through the clothes department any way.  At the Mint Velvet concession I spied my knitted number and couldn’t resist going over to look at it again.  Lo and behold, there’s a size 10, reduced from £79 down to £26.80 because of a gaping hole underneath the armpit.  I looked a bit closer, realised that even an idiot (me) could sew it up, and hotfooted it to the counter before anyone else spotted the biggest bargain since Primark. Happy days!
  • Purchases made, I wanted to check out a ribbon and trimmings shop tucked a few streets behind the Oxford Circus Topshop. Barnett Lawson calls itself ‘the Aladdin’s cave of trimmings’, and it really was.  Down in the basement of a pretty unremarkable building, this tiny space was literally heaving with fabric delights. Ribbons, feathers, silk flowers, braids, pom-poms, millinery supplies… an event planner could literally have a field day down there.  And it’s a wholesaler as well so the prices are good.  A 25m roll of satin ribbon was around £7.50 for instance, whereas John Lewis was selling only 5m for £3.50.  You do the math.
  • Speaking of maths, I received two very different quotes this week for festoon lighting and am slightly bamboozled by the difference.  One company came out to do a site visit with me a couple of weeks ago and I explained what I wanted- festoon lighting strung inside the barn (around 100m), a shorter line of lighting outside (around 25m), and a couple of uplighters for the ceremony backdrop.  He came back with a price of £350 exc VAT.  And that’s just dry hire.  I emailed another company asking for 100m festoon lighting and a couple of uplighters (I figured the outside lighting was unnecessary as I wanted to get the price down), he came back with a price of £27 exc VAT.  £27!!! How can two companies be so different?  Granted, the first quote included an extra 25m of festoons and the necessary scaffolding, and I have since asked them to re-quote without (I’m yet to hear back), but still!  Needless to say the cheaper quote is currently much more appealing.
  • The portaloos are booked.  I know you were worried.
  • But MOST excitingly of all, most excitingly, there has been a dramatic turn of events in The Dress dilemma. Last time I wrote about The Dress, I was pondering whether to go bespoke, and heavily leaning towards it.  But for many reasons (and thanks to a very generous offer from my boss), I have decided to buy from my boutique.  The Dress Story deserves a blog post of it’s own, but for now you can know this…
  1. It’s a two horse dress race
  2. Double D-Day (that’s Dress Decision Day) is next Saturday. Mum and bridesmaids are coming to the shop to help. Full report to follow.

And that’s it for my Sunday Utterings I think.  I have a chilli cooking and an epic night of catch-up telly ahead of me.  Sunday evenings really are the best.

Sama xxx

Sama x

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