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Sunday Utterings #4

Hello my sweets!

Well.  I intended to post something on Friday, I really did.  But from when the bride woke us up at 6.15am with a “Is anyone awake…? I’m so excited!!!”, to the moment my head hit pillow at 1am, there just wasn’t a spare moment.

A wonderful, wonderful day was had.  The sun shone all day, the venue was stunning, the drink did floweth and much laughter (and only a few tears) was had.  I managed to take loads of snaps, but keen to use the professional photos and have a proper report from the bride when she’s back from honeymoon, I’m afraid you shall have to wait a little while longer for a full wedding post.

In the mean time here’s a sneak peek of one of the many surprises Lou had planned for her guests (and her groom!)…

Yep, the bride arrived on her horse looking absolutely beautiful and totally joyous.  Is that a fairytale moment or what?

In other news, I finally decided to get my craft on and had a mini spray painting session in the garden this afternoon.  With my glass jar collection coming along nicely I decided to start with something easy and nipped to Hobbycraft to purchase a mini can of gold spray paint.

It genuinely couldn’t be easier to do.  Simply lay out an area with newspaper or other protective fabrics and get spraying!   I started with spraying the entire jar (what can go wrong?) and then moved on to sectioning areas with masking tape.  The paint is touch dry in 45 minutes (and ready for a second coat if you’ve missed a bit) and fully dry in 3 hours.

Et voila, the humble glass jar is transformed in to something a little more glam and a lot more gold.

Well, it’s the end of my week off and back to work for me tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoys the closing ceremony tonight (I personally cannot wait for the Spice Girls), and a mahoosive OMG, WEREN’T WE FLIPPING FANTASTIC?! to Team GB who have kept us all so entertained and so overjoyed these past two weeks. It’s been emotional.

Sama xxx

Sama x

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