20th May 2012 . Pleasure Private Bits

Sunday Utterings… #3

Good evening Uttersons, and welcome to another edition of my Sunday Utterings.

I was inspired to write this post last night whilst on the sofa, laptop on and headphones in as I perused t’interweb and had a serious YouTube session.  After a night out on Friday and a long, hard, hungover day’s work at the shop, I was in seventh heaven just listening to some beautiful music and looking at pretty things. And with Paul next to me enjoying the football (despite Chelsea winning), it was a blissful couple of hours all round.

So rather than whittling on about what I’ve been up to this week (erm… nothing worthy of a report), I thought I’d share with you a few of the things that are tantalising my eyes and my ears at the moment, and generally making me smile.  Let’s get this show on the road…

Happy thing #1: * Ben Howard*

Talent is sexy. And Ben Howard is seriously talented.  That makes him pretty damn sexy too in my book; pointy nose, foppish  hair and all.  I didn’t know who he was until I heard him this week on Radio 1’s Live Lounge doing a mesmerizingly brilliant version of Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe”.  What was a cheesy pop song is now a haunting, moving long song and I must have listened to it twenty times last night. In fact Ben Howard sang for me throughout my entire interweb session as I meticulously listened and watched possibly every live performance he has ever done.  I love him and his cute little face, and I defy you not to as well.

Happy thing #2: *Glitter Nails*

Pretty nails adorned with the good stuff are constantly popping up on my Twitter feed at the moment.  I am yet to try it out myself but I can confirm that this is a trend I will definitely be trying.  It started with this beautiful wedding day manicure courtesy of Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere; possibly one of the prettiest set of nails I have ever seen in my life.

Image via Hello Giggles

Her ring finger is glittery, people.  Subtle sparkle on a base of solid pale pink. Love love love. And wait, there’s more! Just click on the picture to be taken to the original source…

For me the key to a perfect glittery nail is subtlety. Short, neat, REAL nails (acrylics- bleurgh!), a base of something solid and pale, and then a spattering of sparkle.

Happy thing #3: *Claire Pettibone’s new collection*

Have you heard of Claire Pettibone? You should have- she is an LA-based wedding dress designer producing the most unique and exquisite bohemian/vintage-inspired gowns you will ever see.  I’m lucky enough to work for the bridal boutique which is the main UK stockist of Claire Pettibone, and therefore we are the first to view and receive her stunning collections.

Her newest collection (not due in boutiques until the Autumn) has been sent over this week for an exclusive preview and my-oh-my they are even prettier in the flesh than in the pictures.  My top three, in no particular order are…

Eloquence by Claire Pettibone

Eloquence has the most beautiful, mermaid-like lace I’ve ever seen, and somehow merges ‘demure’ and ‘sexy’ like they’re meant to go together.  And the colours are mesmerising- champagne silk with a hint of blue in the lace. LOVE.

Grace is 70’s hippy bride all over but I love it for it’s simplicity and sheer effortlessness. For the understated bohemian bride this is just perfection.

Viola by Claire Pettibone

Ok, so I said ‘in no particular order’ but Viola is my favourite. Could a wedding dress ever combine 30’s elegance with woodland whimsy so well??  It’s a woman’s dress (I’m thinking Charlize Theron would look STUNNING in this), but it is simply divine.  I can’t wait for them to arrive in store!

Happy thing #4: *Steak on Sundays*

Rib-eyes to be precise.  Cooked on the griddle pan to medium rare and served with chips, peas, a large portobello mushroom and garlic butter. YUM.

Happy thing #5: *Live Lounge Covers*

We started with the magic of music and we shall end with the magic of music.  What did we ever do before The Live Lounge, eh?  The genius idea of inviting a singer or band in to do a live version of their own song followed by a version of someone else’s has led to some incredible performances by incredible artists.  Here are a few of the covers I can listen to again and again and again and…

  • Adele covering Promise This by Chery Cole- the emotion and unsurpassed vocals of Adele mixed with stunning harmonies from her backing singers makes a mockery of Cheryl Cole. Howay the lads, this cover is immense.
  • Birdy covering The A Team by Ed Sheeran- Ok, so no-one beats Ed Sheeran.  Anyone who can write and sing such a  perfect song both musically and lyrically is a God. But Birdy’s version is pure and powerful and makes me cry every time I listen to it.
  • Ed Sheeran covering Wonderwall by Oasis- Yes, I know it wasn’t from the Live Lounge but it’s the same sort of thing! I didn’t realise how much I loved this song until I heard Ed’s version. Simple and real.
  • Jamelia covering Numb by Linkin Park- Who knew Jamelia was capable, eh? An oldie but an oh-so-goodie.
  • The Script covering Lose Yourself by Eminem- Yes he’s annoying on The Voice, but Danny can sing, and this is a cover you have to listen to LOUD. Immense.

So these are a few of the things rocking my world this weekend.  Sunday nights are no longer the same now that Homeland is over (sob!), but I hope that looking and listening to such beauts as these have given your Sunday evening a little lift too.

I’m off to The White Gallery and Jenny Packham HQ tomorrow to help buy for the shop and I have NOTHING decent to wear. However, I shall be taking lots of pictures so make sure you come back Wednesday for a full report…

‘Til then,

Sama xxx

Sama x