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Sunday Utterings… #2

The Easter holidays are over. Sigh.  As Paul’s a teacher there’s a definite ‘back to school’ feeling at my house tonight.  He’s back at work tomorrow and effectively *permanently stressed* for the next 6 weeks, and I lose my house-husband.  ( I love it when he’s off and I can give him jobs to do… every day… not that I take advantage or anything…)

T’was his birthday on Tuesday, and with our planned trip to Whitstable rained off, we hit Bluewater instead, and I turned all Gok Wan in my quest to update Paul’s (quite frankly, less than inspiring) wardobe.  I somehow managed to persuade him to buy some chinos and some snazzy blue ‘sneakers’.  I say he looks cool; he says he looks like a member of One Direction.  The jury’s out as to whether he’ll actually wear said items… but the victory is still mine- mwa ha ha ha…

And just for the record- he does look really good in them.

Check out his hoard!

I scored another minor victory last night in persuading him to come to the cinema with me.  He HATES going to the cinema (freak!), so there is a heated debate every time I suggest it.  He says I only go so I can eat a family-size bag of Malteasers (this is true); I say that he’s a lazy shite-hawk and he needs to get out more (this is also true).  But last night he conceded and we saw a late night showing of The Cabin In The Woods, preceded by a beautiful little bite to eat at Wahaca, my new favourite eaterie.  Simple pleasures.

In other news, I may go a little quiet this week as I’m doing a last-minute acting gig.  Called ‘The Sitcom Mission’, it’s a knock-out style contest for comedy writers who are competing to have their sitcoms commissioned.  As such they need actors to perform their scripts, so I’m dusting off my theatre boots and getting back on stage for the first time in a long time. Live performance terrifies me (if you go wrong you can’t say ‘Sorry!’ and start again), but if the piece I’m in makes it to the final, we’ll get to perform in front of all sorts of important TV comedy people, so it’s a great opportunity…

… As is my chance to get a hot bod for the wedding.  Yes, with a year and a month to go I have done the inevitable and joined the gym.  And not just any gym either.  My gym has an infinity pool with heated pool-side loungers, three (yes, three) kinds of steam room, and tropical monsoon- style showers that play bird music and give you a light show at the same time.  I’m not going to lose a pound, but boy, my pores are going to be cleansed.

And that’s about it from me! I’m keeping it short and sweet tonight.  I have washing up to do before my beloved Homeland begins and I get to dive in to that tub of Ben & Jerry’s that’s calling me from the confines of my freezer.  Half-Baked all the way, baby.  Gym? What gym??

What’s your favourite Ben & Jerry’s flavour?

Sama xxx

Sama x


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  1. Kathryn

    Hi Sama,
    Just wanted to wish you all the best for your stage jaunt 🙂
    And for me, it has to be Phish Phood!
    Love Kat x


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