28th March 2012 . Business

Splendid Wedding Survey 2012

As you may or may not know, I am in the process of preparing for and setting up a wedding planning business, which I hope to launch by the end of the year.  Before I got engaged, I was working on a business plan in order to secure a small loan- and a major part of this plan was field research.

I put together a basic survey, and through facebook, email contacts and A LOT of plugging (I wasn’t on Twitter at that point), I received about 30 responses. Not a lot really, considering the effort I thought I’d put in to getting the word out there…

So imagine how Liene Stephens of Splendid Communications is feeling, as she tries to promote a global survey of recently married and engaged couples.  The results of this survey will help many, many businesses in the wedding and lifestyle industries, so I’m doing my bit to get it out there.

The survey is open to anyone who got married from 2007 onwards, or who is currently planning a wedding.  It literally takes 5 minutes to complete (I’ve just done it!), and bride or groom, your answers matter.

Well what you waiting for? Click here and get surveying…please!

Sama xxx

Sama x