bespoke planning & design

I want to go on a journey with you…

Planning a wedding is a thrilling ride and should be an exciting and delightful experience. The enormity of the task ahead is overwhelming though, particularly if you are time-short, lacking creativity or simply unsure where or how to begin.

Your anxiety will immediately be eased by employing professional support; an experienced planner and like-minded confidante who will take your hand and effortlessly guide you forward. From the early days of scheming and dreaming through to the wedding event itself we will work as a team; your wants and needs always taking precedence.

We start at the very beginning.

With a face to face meeting (either in person or via the internet) we will consult and discover. By asking the right questions, listening and taking time to share stories and visual inspiration, I will piece together and understand what inspires you aesthetically and what you want most from your wedding. Then the fun can begin.

We plot, plan and create.

The first step is to schedule and forecast, and then I will set to work creating a dynamic and beautiful design concept inspired by you and infused with creative flair and fresh thinking. To bring this to life I will source the suppliers and products right for you and you alone, hitting targets on a month by month basis. I have extensive contact with the best, most creative vendors in the industry, and am always on the lookout for new talent and service providers. I will ensure you’re in the safest of hands across the board, with your unique “dream team” wanting only the very best for you and your wedding.

We deliver.

Planning a wedding takes place in a series of steps, beginning with the driving elements such as design concept and service providers, and ending with the finer details and all-important logistics. As the event draws nearer, I will liaise, schedule and troubleshoot extensively with all the suppliers involved to ensure that the wedding is set to run seamlessly. On the day I will set up, build, style, manage and problem solve so that you and your loved ones can simply revel and make incredible memories.

I work with just a handful of couples each year, offering a comprehensive and personal UK wedding planning service entirely tailor-made to you. If you are looking for a UK wedding planner to journey with then please email to book a consultation or discuss further.

Full-service Wedding Planning & Design starts from £5000, whilst Wedding Design & Delivery starts from £3000.