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Selling On The Dress of Dreams

I think it’s time.I know, I know- how could I? Why would I want to get rid of the most beautiful dress I will ever own? Don’t I want to get it out of the wardrobe once a year and put it on/ dance around the landing/ do the ironing in it/baulk at how it no longer fits? Might my hypothetical future daughter want to wear it herself one day? Does money mean more than memories?? CHANTILLY CLAIRE PETTIBONE


SP-0004 copy

My beautiful Chantilly dress by Claire Pettibone. Image by Dominique Bader.

From the moment I chose my dress Paul was petitioning for me to sell it once the wedding was over. He even made a joke about it in his speech (which went down a treat, annoyingly). The idea didn’t fill me with horror, but I also wasn’t sure if I’d want to. Consequently in the months that followed our wedding I had a handful of brides-to-be contact me to find out if I was willing to sell my dress but I always politely declined. It felt too soon and made me feel bizarrely disloyal to this beautiful silk and chantilly lace creation that had made me feel so, so beautiful and special.

But I have to admit something’s changed now. Our wedding was 15 months ago and I’m relieved to say I no longer mourn it’s passing. Our brilliant, happy, laughter-filled day is securely locked in the old internal memory box, and there are visual reminders throughout our house- from the shot of me and my bridesmaids on my office shelf to the polaroid guestbook that has taken up formal residency on our coffee table.

My dress, however, resides in the spare room wardrobe, forgotten and unloved. I’ve put it on twice since the wedding day and both times it’s made me feel a bit sad; sad that I’m never going to have the chance to wear it properly again and sad that it’s now too tight. This is not a dress that’s had it’s day. This is a dress that is clean and sparkly and wants desperately to have its moment in the spotlight again. And who am I to begrudge it of that opportunity?

So the decision’s been made; she’s up for sale. (I can’t keep calling her ‘it’, she’ll get the right hump). I’ve had a chat with her and she’s excited. Of course, whether there’s a bride-to-be out there who wants to buy her is another question, but I know that Claire Pettibone has quite the following and Chantilly is one of her most sought-after dresses, so here’s hoping this lil’ post will reach the right person.

SP-0368 copy

The glorious Chantilly back. Image by Dominique Bader.

I shall let you know how I get on and as and when she leaves Hextable for pastures new. As well as this blog post, I’ve also put ads on Sell My Wedding Dress and the Undress section of Rock My Wedding- so it may be interesting for those considering selling their own dress which medium I have the most luck with. Please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more about sizing/price etc.* CHANTILLY CLAIRE PETTIBONE

In the meantime I’d love to hear from you- would you/could you sell your wedding dress? Did you buy your dress with the full intention of selling it on after the wedding day, or does the idea fill you with horror? For those who have said goodbye to their own Dress of Dreams, which website/shop did you sell through and how long did it take?

A big wave to everybody from me to thee as well. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I have lots to catch up on having just finished my Utterly Wow 2014 season, but for now I’m enjoying a well-earned breather. I’m massively looking forward to getting back to regular(ish) blogging though.

Lots of love to all!

Sama xxx

*In putting the RMW link on I’ve noticed they’ve temporarily closed their Undress section due to persistent scammers. I was actually immediately approached by a scammer after submitting my details to Sell My Wedding Dress. The profile picture of a young pretty girl was quite convincing but sadly the fact ‘she’ wanted to buy the dress immediately without trying it on or asking questions, the random story of how she was deaf, in a wheelchair and buying it for her cousin, and the fact she could only pay by PayPal made it pretty obvious she/he was lying out of her/his arse.

Sama x

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6 Responses to “Selling On The Dress of Dreams”

  1. MrsBiffy

    Hi Sama. Good luck! That’s all I’ll say… I have (note the have), what I consider to be a whopper of a dress, excellent british couture designer and the most exquisite fabric. I was all set to sell it and just weeks after our wedding I advertised it. 16 months on aside from the occasional spammer all I’ve had is time wasters. It’s a expensive frock for sale for less than £500 and I am fed up of sending endless extra photo’s, my own measurements which are also included in the web site advert and chatting endlessly to brides who really want it but are not willing to part with cash. Anyway, rant over, the upshot is she’s mine forever and ever. She’s recently been wrapped with tissue and packed away lovingly in a box, and the most bizarre thing…? As the months have passed I’ve grown more and more attached to her and I’m grateful to all the time wasters and endless emails because she’s mine. She had her one and only day out with me and it was a fantastic day, when I’m a old lady she will be too, we’ll grow old together, me, my husband and my gown. The end! xx

    PS Don’t let me put you off though…!

  2. theutterblog

    Excellent input, Mrs Biffy! And very interesting, thank you for sharing. Although I’m all up for it right now, I think it will be Paul who’s more disappointed if it doesn’t sell, so what will be, will be I guess! What site did you put it on out of interest? xx

  3. MrsBiffy

    Hi Sama, it was on Still White, the website looks lovely and I was sure it would sell. Your dress is absolutely divine and you’ve got a great audience of brides to be who will want to look just as fab-u-lous as you! I would love to see a follow up post… xx

  4. Mrs M

    Very timely post missy! I am currently considering selling my dress (although first I need to get it cleaned! Yup, still not cleaned it over a year later! Bad Becca!)
    Love that you are selling because it needs to be a star attraction again, it is an absolutely stunning dress.
    Let us know how you get on with the selling experience. Might be needing your tips soon 🙂 xx

  5. Patricia

    Hi Sama, Your blog reminded me of my wedding dress sitting wrapped up in the closet. I never considered selling it as it was such a special creation. Barbara did such an incredible job of weaving the bodice of raw silk and raw cotton and gold thread. Our friend Ivy who was a costume designer put the whole thing together. It was so unique that there was no way I could part with it. I take it out and look at it from time to time. I’m not even going to attempt to try it on, I don’t need to get depressed! Just want to share that with you. love you, pat xox

  6. Stef


    Just wondered if you had any luck? My wedding wasn’t even 6months ago but I do regret spending so much on my Suzanne Neville dress. As a result I am thinking of selling it, especially as it is no small dress and where am I supposed to keep it once my parents get sick of it?

    Keep us updated,


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