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Sarah Seven In Da House!

This week has been aaaaaaaaaaaall about Sarah Seven.

If you’ve not heard of this über-cool San Francisco designer before, then fret not.  Until now she’s only really been stocked stateside…

…But not any more!

My new favourite rail.

The first batch of her dresses arrived at the boutique this week and I was a squealing, clapping, high-fiving-myself ball of excitement as I opened up the box of goodies.  We’re talking gold spun fabric, coffee-coloured chiffon, lace, ruffles and sparkly belts galore.  She brings everything that is cool about California over to the UK in a small but oh-so perfectly formed collection of quirky, modern, edgy, young, fun and undeniably romantic wedding gowns.

Can you tell I like them?

I’m not going to lie; I’ve tried most of them on already.  One of them has become an incredibly strong contender for my own wedding.  Such has been my excitement for this new arrival that I was even compelled to battle against my technical demons and attempt an online mood board.  I have called this one Autumnal Amour, inspired by the Amour gown by Sarah Seven.  Think coffee and cream tones, rustic romance and an eclectic mix of textures and materials…

Autumnal Amour- created using Olioboard

From top left: 1. Image via Wedding Chicks, 2. Amour by Sarah Seven, 3. Image via Pinterest, 4. Image via The Natural Wedding Company, 5. Luskey’s Western Store, 6. Dress by Desire Clothing

Here’s some more of her gorgeous 2013 collection to see you in to your weekend, available now at this super-cool bridal boutique… Enjoy!

Ruffles and lace.

Silver beads and a cowl neck back.

The Goldie. Yes really. So beatueous it shares the same name as me …

Pretty, frilly, fun.

Accessories too… check out the statement bib necklace!

I have to go and lie down.

Who wants to be a Sarah Seven bride?

Sama xxx



Sama x