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Reasons To Be Cheerful #2

Day 2 of the Week Off Work shall be fondly remembered as Pampered Tuesday.

I took advantage of my very first Groupon experience when an offer from a salon I used to frequent in Lee, south-east London, caught my eye.  A 3o-minute facial, 30-minute massage and 30-minute manicure were being offered for the combined price of £26. Bloody bargain, I thought.  I’ll be having me some of that.

Turns out it was more of a 20-minute facial (including ten minutes of me ‘relaxing’ with a face scrub on), 20-minute massage and 30-minute manicure, but for that price I couldn’t really complain. The massage was heavenly and I’ve come home with pretty, metallic nails.  They’re not going to go quite so well with the lilac bridesmaid dress I shall be sporting come Friday, but they will ding dang do.

From the beauty salon in Lee, I headed to Blackheath where I popped in to the shop (I can’t stay away), before heading across the road to get my hair cut. I’m one of those people who smiles through gritted teeth and says, ‘It’s lovely, thank you!’ as the hair dresser holds the mirror at the back of your head.  Not because they ever do a bad job, but because I’m a little bit precious about my hair (see here and here), and therefore it never looks right to me unless I have styled it myself.  But the lady I had today did a good job, so I’m currently at home swishing my hair around whilst Paul watches on in despair. (He doesn’t get that it has to be cut, in order for it to grow.)

But anyway… today’s S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G imagery comes from a recent post on The Wedding Chicks featuring an unbelievably beautiful ‘bridal shower’ thrown for a good friend of Brooke Keegan, an extreeeeemely talented California-based event designer.  Prepare to drop your jaw in astonishment…

All images by Troy Grover Photography via The Wedding Chicks

All images by Troy Grover Photography via The Wedding Chicks

Ok, ok, ok… so what are we talking here?  We’re talking a chandelier in the garden. We’re talking pink, sequinned table linen and gold accents everywhere.  We’re talking Veuve Cliquot as favours, a personalised sparkly champagne flute for the bride, and a gold balloon adorned ‘Nacho Station’.

Only in America.

I hope my bridesmaids are taking note, that’s all I can say…

Sama xxx

Sama x

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  1. Jo

    What is it with beauty salons not giving then full allocated time to treatments? It’s a bugbear. I pay for an hour, I want an hour… Not 45 mins. Coupon or no coupon!
    Rant over 🙂
    Ps hair cut envy! Haven’t cut mine since Xmas and cut afford to at the mo. weep.


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