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Party Frock Time

Despite it being summertime all of five minutes ago, Christmas is only six weeks away, folks. I know- it’s ridiculous. And although I think it’s way too early to be putting up the paraphernalia, it is that time of year when I start thinking about treating myself to a nice party frock to see me through the festive period. With a couple of Big Nights Out planned for the next month or so, and a wardrobe full of work wear and pyjamas, it’s definitely time to splash the cash.

I’ve spent the last hour sifting through the usual fashion retail websites and I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed with this year’s crop. Too much black and not enough sparkle, in my humble opinion. And when is the bodycon trend going to go away?? I. CAN’T. WEAR. BODYCON.

I did find three pretty fitties though which I’ve aptly named the Cutie, the Beauty, and the… You-Can’t-Afford-Me. (Rhyming’s not my forte.) Wanna see?

The Cutie

Dress #1 is probably a little casual to be labelled as a Party Frock, but it’s ever so cute, don’t you think? Although my husband would rather I dressed entirely in top-to-to Jane Norman circa 1999 (short, tight and tarty), I’m much more comfortable in something loose and a little more relaxed. I LOVE the crew neck on this ASOS dress which frames the collarbone perfectly, and the black lace panel adds just the right amount of cheekiness. And I’d make it ‘party suitable’ by donning bare legs and black stiletto shoe boots. In fact, I may already have this little baby on order… well, at £34 it would be rude not to!

The Beauty

You simply can’t go wrong with a sequinned tshirt dress, and the fact this one has the word ‘tinsel’ in it’s name means it was made for Christmas! The sleeve length and high neckline are very on-trend (and more flattering than you think), and manage to relax what is essentially a fully-sequinned mini dress. And I love the mix of black and champagne shimmer. If the white smock dress above is no good, I will be making a trip to Topshop later in the week to try this on.

The You-Can’t-Afford-Me

Party Frock #3 is from French Connection, which means you take the price of what an item should be and then you whack on an another £100. Daylight robbery aside though, they do make beautiful dresses and this particular frock is fit. Fact. I’m a sucker for a top/skirt combo, and the colours in the skirt are just gorgeous. I’m not 100% sure on the neckline… it’s very retro and I love the beadwork, but if it makes the model above look a bit butch, what on earth is it going to do to me?! It’s super pretty though. Well done French Connection.

Anyone else currently on the hunt for a fabulous frock?

Sama xxx

Sama x

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3 Responses to “Party Frock Time”

  1. Rebecca

    Oooo I’m on the hunt for the perfect party dress for my big 30 celebrations this December!!! (eek!)
    I completely agree though, there is a distinct lack of sparkly pretty frocks (within budget!) and far toooooo many of those dastardly body con dresses – really not good when you want to tuck into those mince pies at the Christmas party!! 😉

    Love the cutie dress, sadly I am a little pale to be wearing a white dress! And love the skirt on that last dress, but that top looks pretty unflattering to me!

    Let us know how your dress hunt goes 🙂 xx


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