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Paris & Joe: One Year (and Three Days) To Go

Morning Uttersons! Paris has a short but sweet wedding update for us today, but before I hand over I just wanted to pop on to share the news that I am ON MATERNITY LEAVE. Holy cheeseballs! With my last wedding of the summer completed a week ago, and my last day at the boutique on Saturday, I am now a free woman. Well, until the baby comes and enslaves me once again of course.  With this point being on my long distance forecast since finding out I was pregnant seven months ago, I can’t quite believe I’m here, but it is a very lovely feeling indeed. Paul is insanely jealous of course. Despite him having had the last six weeks off for the school holidays, he’s very bitter he has to go back to work just as I finish a whole month before my due date. Decadent Dennis indeed. 

I shall be blogging as regularly as I can. There is much to catch up on- pregnancy, his nursery, the wondrous weddings I’ve been involved in this summer… I need and want to reconnect with this blog o’ mine, so do stay tuned. 

In the meantime, shall we hear from Paris?


Things on the wedding front have gone a bit quiet again, mainly because we are attending so many that we have no time to even think of our own. An upside of attending so many weddings while planning one yourself is you get to see what works, what doesn’t, things you had never even thought of and experience the whole thing as a guest. The downside is all those reunions inevitably leading to our guest list growing by another sixteen people. I don’t think it can take another wedding!

On top of all our weekend shenanigans the rest of our lives are pretty hectic right now. I will be changing position in a few weeks time and moving offices and Joe has just found out that he will be becoming a police recruit! If two job changes wasn’t enough we are also smack bang in the middle of the flat buying process. I am lucky in that one of my close colleagues is running our file but this has also meant that all the one million things we have already done and will need to do have fallen firmly on my shoulders. I feel like this would be a suitable time to add in that I have fallen off the Slimming World band wagon – oh and the gym too… I am completely unashamed to admit that today I have eaten two kitkat chunkies. Consecutively.

One thing that gives absolutely no responsibility to me and all the responsibility to somebody else is my hen, which is why I am both super excited and super terrified about it. It is a running joke being me and Joe that when it comes to neuroticism, I’m at the top end of that scale. I like to think I am chilled (and with lots of things I am) but when it comes to organising it’s my way or the highway. Luckily for me and everyone else involved my Maid of Honour (Stacie) is my best friend of thirteen years and the yin to my yang so I have absolutely no qualms about passing over the reins. Maybe. Kind of. Well maybe I can help a little?

Iceland or Valencia for the Hen, perhaps..?

Iceland or Valencia for the Hen, perhaps..?

Over the past few months we have gone from a foreign hen do, a city hen do, a beach hen do to no hen do and back again (depending on my stress levels and whim at the time). Given my now notorious decision making skills we have both decided that Stace will do the whole thing and I will know nothing, god bless her. That said, it hasn’t stopped me relentlessly pinning her hen do related ideas at every opportunity. To say this woman is a gem is an understatement.

Save The Date inspiration

Save The Date inspiration

In other wedding related news we are quickly approaching the one-year mark. I hadn’t really considered save the dates until Joe brought it up. Quite a few of his relatives and friends live around the country and abroad so it makes sense to give these guys a heads up. Not wanting to sell a kidney just to let our loved ones know we are tying the knot, we decided that a postcard style save the date with a bit of yarn and some rubber stamps was a good way to go.  Post to follow with all the production line antics that Joe has planned (I’m just supplying the wine).

Paris x

Sama x

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