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Paris & Joe: A Big Hello

Good morning you lovely lot! It’s a brand new week and I’m a little bit excited to kick off with a brand new series for The Utter Blog. A few weeks ago I tentatively put out the feelers for an Uttering Bride to dust off her typing fingers, don her blogging cap and take us on her wedding planning journey, and I got some fab entries, I have to say. So fab, it was nigh on impossible to narrow it down to just one. I ummed and ahhed, I got some very important opinions and I went back and forth, but eventually it came down to two… And at two it’s stayed. That’s right- I now have TWO Uttering Brides. The next year and a half is going to be jam-packed full of wedding-y goodness and I cannot wait.

So first up to introduce herself is Paris, who I have to admit I am terribly biased towards as she may or may not be getting married at the same barn venue as me. Ahem. Clearly this is a woman with good taste. But, marvellous venue choice aside, Paris’ email to me exuded enthusiasm and warmth, and her Pinterest board was right up my street. You’ll be hearing a lot more from this lovely lady over the next seventeen months, so I hope you’ll join me in giving her a very warm welcome to The Utter Blog. I’ll be popping up in my usual irregular way, don’t you worry, but I have to say I’m very, very, VERY happy to have a wedding story (or two!) to follow again. Make sure you pop back later in the week for my second Uttering Bride’s Big Hello.

Paris, it’s over to you…


As I push open the sliding doors and take my first steps on to our balcony, it isn’t the clear moonlit sky and sound of the waves that I notice. No, I am noticing that all of the previously well arranged balcony furniture has now been hastily rearranged in a haphazard pile at one corner of the balcony. Why? My boyfriend of seven years is just about to propose. But before we get to the nitty gritty proposal details, a little about the bride and groom to be. I’m Paris and I’m a 25 year old paralegal and trainee-solicitor-to-be by day, and risotto extraordinaire, book devourer and keen yoga lover by night. Baked cheese is my weakness (any variety, I am not fussy) and cinnamon is my nemesis – are you noticing a food theme? I first met my now fiancé, Joe, when we were 12 and he was giving one of my friends a rather slobbery kiss outside my Saturday dance class. Needless to say, I was less than enamoured. But six years on he had finally won me round and after a heap of pirate impressions on our first date to see Pirates Of The Caribbean we became inseparable. Joe works in marketing and is a complete technology and comic book nerd, the most disorganized person I have ever met, and truly and genuinely hilarious. IMG-20150204-WA0000 So why do I want to be an Uttering Bride? Weddings seem to come with a stigma attached that you will spend the entire planning process stressed and frazzled, being pulled from one meeting to the next and will finally breathe a big sigh of relief that it is all over once the big day arrives. I don’t want that to be my planning experience and hope that, by being a part of The Utter Blog, I can enjoy the process and gain the valuable input of other planning brides or newlyweds. Reading Sama’s blogs inspired me to get creative with my wedding planning and I can’t wait to share my wedding successes and failures with The Utter Blog followers. I have so many plans and ideas already and here is a little of what I think you can expect from my wedding (please don’t hold me to any of it!):

  • Plenty of colour! You will see from my mood boards that a colour scheme is yet to be decided but that either way I want the theme to be bright and fun. It is so tempting to go “pastel” in a countryside wedding but I want to move away from that and go a bit more vibrant.
  • Flowers galore. I absolutely love flowers, fresh or fake, and they will be a big feature at the wedding. My step mum owns a florist and has very very kindly agreed to do our flowers so we won’t be restrained by the cost. I am spending most of my time dreaming of floral arches at the moment (thanks Pinterest!).
  • Handmade touches. I plan to customise a lot of the wedding myself. I have already roped a bridesmaid into helping make table runners and Joe has been sizing up a homemade bar. Along with invites, centre pieces, all stationary, guestbook, table plan, hair pieces, signs and countless other things I am yet to think of, I am sure we have one hell of a task on our hands. I can’t guarantee that my homemade plans will end in success but we will give it a go all the same!

IMG-20150204-WA0002IMG-20150204-WA0001With a dry hire venue already booked, the challenge of wedding planning is ready and waiting – so Uttersons, are you with me? The count down to 3rd September 2016 has begun.

Paris xx

Sama x

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5 Responses to “Paris & Joe: A Big Hello”

  1. theutterblog

    Erm… I’m afraid I’m going to hold you to a flower arch, Paris. That one in the first set of images is IMMENSE! How lucky to have a step-mum florist! xx

  2. Kat

    Hi Paris, great first post.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your ideas, especially the flowers. They sound beaut. And YES to the flower arch. Too frickin’ lush.


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