12th March 2012 . Amazing Wedding The Dress

My Weekend Was Mostly Spent…

* Catching up with old friends and not being able to say no to the 7th large glass of wine…

* Gaining a third bridesmaid due to the copious amount of wine being consumed and her asking.

* Struggling through a day of work with a major hangover, only slightly remedied by a disgusting amount of white bread and the excitement of my own dress appointment at the end of the day.

* Getting all but naked in front of a colleague (save for the 9-year old pair of baggy, beige M&S pants).

* Applying nipple stickers for the first time in front of said colleague in an attempt to give them some sort of a lift.

* Cracking up in front of the mirror with said colleague after the application of nipple sticker #1, and seeing the- quite dramatic- difference in pertness between breast #1 and breast #2.

* Putting on my favourite dress only to find that even with nipple stickers my boobs just weren’t going to play ball.

* Stepping out of the fitting room in my favourite dress only to be met with silence (and not the good kind) by my mum and mother-in-law.

* Putting on the most expensive dress in the shop and my mum declaring it was ‘the one’.

* Arguing with my mum that it wasn’t.

* Schlepping all the way up to Ally Pally after work for a Florence and The Machine gig.

* Showing one of my bridesmaids a picture of my favourite dress and her declaring ‘Urgh, no, that’s disgusting!’

* Discovering that I’m not really a ‘gig’ girl- far too packed and sweaty for my liking.

* Feeling distinctly uncool at said gig due to the large number of very cool people that surrounded me.

* Being blown away by Florence’s voice, despite being sweaty and feeling distinctly uncool at the time.

* Surprising myself by managing to stay awake on the train home and not having to be woken up at the last stop by a sympathetic stranger like I usually do.

* Falling in to bed and feeling so happy and grateful to be there… only to have the worst night’s sleep ever.

* Walking around Sainsbury’s like a zombie and forgetting to get the most important ingredient for a chilli… chillies.

* Cleaning up after Paul.

* Feasting on a lunch of roast beef and trifle courtesy of Paul’s nan.

* Sitting down to write a post about bridesmaids as promised, only to change my mind and write a lame post about my weekend instead because I’m way too tired to write coherently and the sofa is calling me…

My apologies, folks. I’ll be back with a vengeance on Wednesday.

Sama xxx

Sama x