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My Week in Bullet Points…

I think I’ve hit a wedding lull.

You know, that part of the wedding planning journey when the initial excitement of finally being able to plan your own wedding has died down, the big things are booked, you’ve got your ‘theme’ or your creative vision nailed, and quite frankly, there are other, far more important things going on to keep you occupied, such as the Olympics or your best friend’s wedding, or- hold the front page- the sun coming out in the UK.

So you can call today’s post a rapid fire round-up of what’s been going on in my world, in bullet form. Why? Why the hell not!?

  • Hen Dos.  Two of them.
  • The first involved amazing food at a pop-up restaurant in Shoreditch called Bootleg Banquet, a hilarious pre-recorded game of ‘Mr & Mrs’ with the groom in various states of undress, and coming home caked in the sugary substance we later deduced was sambuca.

The table all set up for us at the Bootleg Banquet

  • The second involved Japanese food, hours of karaoke with a very special performance of ‘Wuthering Heights’ by the bride, and getting fully flipped in the air on the Reflex dancefloor by a couple of incredibly strong and incredibly confident men.
  • Both were brilliant (the Hen Dos, not the men).
  • I have purchased a dress for bridesmaid #2!
  • An ASOS design I first spotted over on The Boho Wedding Blog, I fell in love with the colour, sparkle and fit- which I thought would look amazeballs on Nicola.

ASOS Tulip dress with embellished bodice, £95

  • It looked amazeballs on Nicola.
  • However, I do contest the colour which ASOS declare as ‘nude’.  It’s definitely more of a ‘bright peach’ in the flesh.  And as such it doesn’t match the top half of Sarah’s dress in any way, shape or form.  But f*** it.  It looks hot and I didn’t want my bridesmaids to match anyway…
  • … This hasn’t stopped me doing a print out of the two dresses side by side, with super-imposed colourful bouquets in their hands. Just to be sure my ‘vision’ works.
  • I think it does.
  • That’s two down, one to go.  I do have my eye on this dress for Louise which I’m thinking will tie them all together, but it’s currently only available in an 18, which she most definitely is not.

Bridesmaids and their cut-out and stuck on blooms…

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. the furniture rental market in the UK is crap.
  • With the types of chairs used at the wedding coming far higher in my list of priorities than any normal person’s, I’ve been left very disappointed at the lack of choice we have over here compared to the Americans who seem to be able to hire the most beautiful and stylish of four-legged bottom holders.
  • I am a sucker for a mahogany French cafe-style bistro chair, so I’ve gone for the closest thing I can find- an antique black stained chiavari chair with black seat pad. One hundred of them to be precise.  With ten x 6ft round banquet tables which I will drape with colour and gold sparkle.
  • They are going to look trés belle.  (That’s french for totes beauts.)

Chair from Academy Furniture Hire

  • ‘Tis my BFF’s wedding in 11 days.
  • I am going to blub like a baby.
  • However I can’t blub for too long because then I have to get up and sing. In front of everyone. A totes emosh song as well- ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol.  But the Natasha Bedingfield version which is more low-key and less epic.
  • I’m bricking it.
  • I went to watch the Gymnastics at the O2 yesterday.  My half-sister is a little gymnast so we went together and she was telling me all about sheep jumps and triple pikes and difficulty levels.  I’d have been lost without her.
  • T’was a really fun and very well-organised afternoon though, despite the blocks of empty seats in the corporate section.
  • I think I fancy Beth Tweddle. That girl is a ninja on the bars!

There she is, about to do her floor routine.

And there’s me and Chiara. Apologies for the very dodgy photo.

And here’s a little gift from me to you… Hannah Whelan making this little movement look like a piece of p**s.

Hannah Whelan gymnast

I think that’ll do ya’. Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  Who doesn’t love a bullet point?

Sama xxx

Sama x

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