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My Tiny Garden Makeover… Part 2

I had big plans for the Jubilee weekend.  Big, big plans which involved a complete garden makeover, successful shopping trips to B&Q and Homebase, and an oh-my-goodness-will-you-look-at-the-transformation blog post at the end of it all.

It didn’t quite work out that way, I’m afraid.  Mainly because it decided to rain.  Nearly every day.  But also because I didn’t order a new shed in time, Paul and I ummed and ahhed for too long about what we wanted to do, and also because we are both extremely lazy individuals.

But we did get started! So I thought I’d share the fruits of our labour with you today…

For those unfamiliar with my pretty manky patio space/courtyard garden, you can catch up with My Tiny Garden Makeover… Part 1 here.  For those for whom clicking on a link is way too much like hard work, here’s a picture of our garden BEFORE.

Please take note of the over-grown ivy, the moss-covered brick work and the nasty concrete paving slabs that look like they were put in in 1986.  I have a birthday barbecue planned for July and this just won’t do, I’m afraid.

So first thing first was Moss Attack.  Some people find moss quaint and country-like.  I find it damp and ‘orrible.  Our left-hand brick bed gets virtually no sun at all so it was particularly bad in this corner (and hence why there’s nothing growing in the bed). Scrape-a-matron in my hand I attacked that moss like it was nobody’s business whilst Paul cut back the ivy. Then we washed and scrubbed the patio until our arms and necks couldn’t take it any more (well, Paul washed and I mainly swept) and our kind neighbour popped round to prop up our back fence (which was threatening to fall over) and re-align the garden door so that we no longer had to body-ram it in order to take the bins out back.

Moss scraped off… unsightly damp marks left in its place.

The herb bed sans moss.

Mid-patio wash. Would you Adam and Eve it, the slabs are red under all that grime!

Lower level washed and ivy trimmed. Now to move everything down and do the same to the upper level…

… Et Voila!

Ok, so granted it’s hardly the makeover to end all makeovers when really all we’ve done is basic maintenance, but it’s a definite improvement! Gone are the piles of moss and in it’s place is clean, defined, red brickwork.  With the paving slabs also back to their original terracotta colour, the whole space now feels warmer- even on a damp, miserable day like it was on Sunday.

But grander plans are afoot for when the weather gets a bit better.  We would still love to render and paint white some of the brick work; to gravel the upper layer and to eventually replace the bamboo fences with something a little more solid, possibly more brick.  A little walled garden full of herbs and potted plants would be pretty blissful I reckon.

Ever the domestic goddess, and buoyed by a sense of ‘I can do anything’ after our sterling work on the garden, I decided that my Sunday afternoon would be spent baking.

I don’t bake.  I can’t bake.  But, with a birthday barbecue to attend the next day I decided that now was as good a time as ever to give it a try…

Ingredients assembled.

Begging it to rise…

Tada! Oh dear…

The Raspberry Cake with White Chocolate, taken from This Week For Dinner should have looked like this…

… yeah, not quite.  I entirely blame the fact that my WeightWatchers scales had died, thus meaning I assembled the entire thing on guess work.  Pretty impressive that it came out as it did, considering!

Yes, not quite a domestic goddess yet. But I’m working on it.

Sama xxx

Sama x

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