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My Tiny Garden Makeover… Part 1

So here’s the deal.

I hate gardening.  Like, really hate it.  I don’t know my clay soil from my peat soil, I forget to water my plants and, much to Paul’s annoyance, I shy away from any kind of physically hard labour. Oh, and I don’t like spiders, spider webs, worms, bugs in general, moss, rain, ‘getting stuck in’…. I am a pathetic excuse for a human being.

This is our ‘garden’.

From the wall of the house.

From one corner...

...And from t'other corner.

Looking back on the house.

Granted, it’s wet and miserable at the moment, but as you can see, it’s not so much a garden as a patio surrounded by fence. Now don’t get me wrong, I can see it has the potential to be a truly lovely space.  I LOVE courtyard gardens, the more Mediterranean-influenced the better; but in order to achieve this courtyard garden dream (a built-in seating area, lighting, white rendered brick work, potted plants galore and a herb garden to rival Hugh’s), we need some serious bunce.  Which ain’t coming our way any time soon.

However, I have been MAHOOSIVELY inspired by Kimberly of Swoon Worthy (an ace interiors blog) who has recently completed a little garden makeover herself.  She and her partner managed to turn a small, neglected space in to a chic, colourful and inviting garden… without spending much money at all.  Wanna see for yourself? Click here, have a butchers and then come straight back to read about my plans!

The FIRST thing I want to do is tuck a little shed in the space between brick wall and back door.  It will hide all that c**p, and once painted a soft blue or green, add instant colour to an otherwise drab space.

Something like this would be rather nice.
(Image via Little Green Shed)

Crap hidden, it’ll be time to turn to the fence.  Or should I say fences seeing as we’re surrounded by three different kinds at the moment.  If money were no object I would surround myself with bricks and have a beautiful little walled garden.  But money is an object, so this can’t happen.  The bamboo needs to come down. This was hastily put up when we first started to let our cats out (a completely wasted purchase as they were up and over within minutes), and needs to be binned.  Equally, our back fence wobbles manically in the slightest of breezes and needs to be replaced, although I’ll be sad to lose the ivy.  Once a new fence is up on all three sides, it will bring a unity to the space which I can then jazz up with planters and pots and colour galore.

Trés belle, non?

Image via Happiness Is...

Or how about rustic-chic?

Image via Pinterest

The two brick flower beds are trickier.  The one on the right gets lots of sunlight and is Paul’s  precious herb garden.  I would have to drug him to get to that bad boy.  The one on the left however, gets no sunlight whatsoever and we’ve struggled to grow anything in it over the last year.  Getting rid of it all together would mean re-doing the patio, which isn’t an option, so I’d like to empty the bed and cover it with decking or reclaimed wood to create an extra seating area for when we’re entertaining.

Which leaves us with the patio.  Although I haven’t properly looked in to it, this is a makeover on a budget so I don’t think there’ll be many pounds left to do anything other than pressure-wash all the moss and years of neglect away.  If we can afford it though, I’d love to gravel the upper level, with some carefully-placed patio slabs leading up to the door.

Beautiful small garden alert! Image via Pinterest

And as a final piece of horticultural pretty, this garden owner has taken the inside outside, by accessorising aplenty, with lanterns, shelves, and a beautiful big mirror to create the illusion of space.  I have a feeling eBay and I are going to become very well acquainted…

Image via Pinterest

So what do you reckon?  Possible with £500 max, or a gardening goal too far?!

You’ll have to watch this space 🙂

In the meantime, do share your gardening tips and super sunny outside makeovers!  It’s going to be a rainy old week…

Possibly the most depressing thing ever.

Sama xxx

Sama x

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