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My Three-Piece Wonder

The Utter Blog may be my baby, my first born, the love of my virtual life… but it’s important that you know I’m not a single parent.

There is a father. He may not play a very hands-on role in our little family- he couldn’t give a toss about flower garlands, table settings or matchy maids- but he is there. In the background. Reading. Supporting. Spell-checking.

He’ll also be playing a pretty important role at The Wedding. And despite the fact that he hasn’t yet lifted a finger in any aspect of the wedding planning, that blog-daddy of mine still deserves to walk down the aisle looking hot to trot.

The thing is, whereas I know quite a lot about wedding dresses, I know diddly squat about Groom Attire.

“Is that a problem? It’s not your domain!”, you may be thinking, and I’d be inclined to agree with you.  But the thing is, it’s not really Paul’s either. Or not one that he’s 100% comfortable about tackling on his own.  You see, Paul is in to fashion as much as I am in to fly-fishing. i.e. couldn’t give a toss. He wears a suit to work, a hoodie and joggers at home, and jeans and a t-shirt down the pub. A man of simple pleasures is that fiancé of mine, and I love him all the more for it, but I must admit I do want him to take some interest (and pride) in what he wears on our wedding day. To shake things up and try something that takes him out of his comfort zone but away from the smart-but-boring teacher look he sports every day. Maybe even (and I have to whisper this)… go designer. And all for under £500.

So where do we start? Well, luckily we’re both agreed that an ill-fitting, hired morning suit is out, and a bought, tailored, slim-fit three-piece suit is in. I do love a man in a waistcoat, and it adds an element of tradition and formality to an occasion whilst staying simple and stylish. But which three-piece? In what colour? And where from??

When I think of a well-tailored suit I think of Tom Ford. Not only is the designer himself a shockingly handsome man, but he also makes a shockingly stylish suit.

See? Shockingly handsome AND shockingly stylish.

See? Shockingly stylish.

Sadly, his suits are also shockingly expensive, but because I love you, I’ve done a quick round-up of handsome chaps rocking that super sharp, super simple, and super sexy look for a fraction of the Tom Ford price. Three-piece fans? Read on…

The Tom Ford Alternative

I am loving this groom’s style, with a charcoal grey suit from A Suit That Fits, dropped waistcoat and tie pin. In the wedding report, the groom says he had a bad experience with A Suit That Fits, but I must say I’ve heard good stuff as well, and with a wide range of fabrics, styles, and seemingly reasonable prices it’s definitely worth a look in.

This cutie is rocking a very sharp mid-grey three-piece from Aubin & Wills, given a relaxed twist with his brown belt and tan shoes. A perfect balance to the rustic setting.

Colour me Happy

Of course, you don’t have to stick to a palette of black, white and grey to look super-chic.  This handsome chap wore a lovely navy three piece suit by King & Allen, with a bright red tie and colourful buttonhole. The whole effect is summery, vibrant and lots of fun whilst still looking completely dapper. I like. (I also like the sound of King & Allen who do fittings in the upstairs of various London pubs, according to the real bride report!)

In my mind there is nowt more traditional than a groom sporting a pale grey suit. It’s light and summery whilst still looking incredibly smart. Sadly, Paul won’t be going near pale grey with a bargepole, but maybe this lovely (and reasonably priced!) suit from Reiss will sway him to at least try one on…

My final three-piece wonder is a bit of a surprise. I remember LOVING this wedding when I first read about it on Love My Dress, and I’m so glad I came across it again whilst researching for this post! The wedding itself is a bohemian, back garden dream, but the groom is sporting my favourite colour combination of them all I think- a beautifully-fitted blue/grey suit from Suit Supply paired with a creamy yellow tie and… well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Image by Eliza Claire

Image by Eliza Claire

Image by Eliza Claire

Image by Eliza Claire

Image by Eliza Claire

Image by Eliza Claire

Yep, this New Zealand groom had some suit shorts made especially for this beautiful, quirky wedding. Thank god the weather was kind!

Now I don’t expect Paul to sport a short for a second (and nor do I want him to if I’m honest!), but replace those shorts with a tailored trouser and you’ve pretty much got my perfect three-piece there I think.

Which is your favourite? What’s your man wearing on his big day and where do you recommend to go?? I am a sponge to groom-related information today, so any hints, tips, colour combinations or recommendations, please leave a comment! Paul, his best man and I are suit-shopping this Friday night in an attempt to catch the last of the January sales, so I’m hoping we can get it done in one fell swoop.  Lord knows Paul will make my life a misery if we have to go more than once…

Wish us luck!

Sama xxx


Sama x

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  1. Amanda

    My handsome (If I can say so myself) used the wedding as an opportunity to get himself a Boss suit. He had always wanted one and he’s already worn it another 3 times since (on other special occasions). It is Navy Blue, and slim fit. And we paid 600 EUR with a white shirt included, so I think you can (if bearly) fit something like that within your less then GBP 500. You can see it ere

    I like suits in charcoal too. Speaking of Suits, have you seen the pinterest boards made for the show of the same name? They can be great inspiration


    Oh also, shopping for /with boys is totally easy. We went in and out, the fit was great, he felt good. no second guessing like us girls do.

    Oh and the groom of a friend of mine had his suit tailor-made (at a real old-school) tailor and he loved the whole experience, since you start from choosing the fabric. I have no idea what that would cost though…

  2. Claire Gould

    Brilliant blog post, and thank you for the link back to English Wedding Blog!
    For the record I have to say that while the groom had a bad experience, I’ve heard great things from everyone else I’ve ever spoken to about A Suit That Fits – and I’ve met their founder Warren at a wedding show – lovely, lovely man.
    Will be linking back to this post to share with my readers as well. Good luck with your suit shopping!

  3. theutterblog

    Thanks for stopping by Claire! And a pre-emptive thank you for the blog link 🙂 I’m glad to hear about A Suit That Fits- it had been recommended to me by a few already x

  4. Katie Dougan (@Katie_Francesca)

    Although now post wedding for me, I love reading about your wedding journey on your blog. Wishing you luck on this one, as my husband Rob wouldn’t even start looking at suits until a few months before the wedding (months before “it was too early to look” ). Rob really liked the idea of having a Boss suit, especially as he only owned 1 suit that he bought for a wedding in Norway which was relatively cheap (TK Max jobby), which was fine but didn’t fit quite right here and there. Rob had been quietly thinking for a while that every man in his life should have a tailored suit made for him – was this the right occasion for such an investment? Baring in mind the overall expense of his wedding. We finally decided to visit Robert Old in Bournemouth who tailor Ermenegildo Zegna suits and he ended up with a wonderful charcoal grey two piece suit. It was an investment a little short of £1,500 but the whole experience of the fittings together is one of my favourite memories from the build up of our wedding – priceless! x


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