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Mother’s Day Love…

It’s Mother’s Day! That time of the year when we’re all reminded to be lovely to the women that brought us in to the world and thankful for everything they have done and continue to do for us.  We should, of course, do this all year round, but I for one am more than guilty of not picking up the phone often enough, or not vocalising my love and immense gratitude for the woman who loves me unconditionally as often as I perhaps should.  So as enforced days of the year go, I rather like Mother’s Day.

My mum, looking glam. (And me, looking precocious.)

I’m not seeing her today, but we spent a perfect day together on Friday.  She took me to the gym (!!!) where we spent a few minutes on the cross trainer before hitting the spa with a vengeance.  I then took her for lunch at a lovely country pub where we feasted on crab and mussels and other delights (… wine).  And then we headed to the cinema where we watched Reese Witherspoon go through the HELL that is choosing between Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. (Oh Tom Hardy, I fancy the pants off you, I really truly do…).

A simple but gorgeous day with the woman who inspires me every day. Whether she’s cooking, gardening, growing veg, making the most amazing cushion covers, making dodgy bridesmaid dresses (see photo above), writing a lecture for her students or directing the local Am-Dram group in their new play, she attacks everything with gusto and aplomb and succeeds brilliantly. (She’s also the reason I swear like a trooper, do outrageous burps and drink wine like a fish, but the less said on that the better…)

She is more beautiful and glamorous than she knows, and incredibly kind, generous and supportive to not only me, but my two step-sisters as well.  She is also my wedding planner extraordinaire, and the only person who I can talk ‘wedding’ with, without fear of boring them to death.

I love you, Mum, and I should say it every day.

Sitting by the water in Toronto

Sama xxx

p.s. Please can I have some money…?


Sama x


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