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Miu-Who? The (Almost) Perfect Shoe

A couple of months ago I fell in love. With a shoe. There was something about it’s beautiful visage that captivated me; maybe it was the soft blush suede… or the elegant this-bad-boy-ain’t-coming-off t-bar strap… but most likely it was the gold glittery heel in the iconic Miu-Miu shape.  Either way I fell head over heels and wrote about it at quite some length.

By Miu Miu, via Net-a-porter

The Miu Miu shoe.

Most people told me to go for it- “You’ll only get married once!” A few of my closest friends (although I hated them for it at the time) told me to not be so bloody stupid.  They were £445 and chances are I was only going to get one wear out of them a) because suede and mud do not go together, and b) because I’m notoriously clumsy and careless when it comes to my shoes. Especially when alcohol is involved.

I ummed and ahhed and tossed and turned, and eventually decided that actually, it was an awful lot of money to spend on a pair of shoes that weren’t really meant for a barn wedding in the English countryside.  So I stopped looking at them 37 times a day and started casting my eye across the rest of the world wide web.  Glittery shoes are ten a penny at the moment but what I really loved about the Miu-Mius- if I’m completely honest with myself- was the nude/blush colour and the t-bar platform shape.  I wanted a high heel that was going to stay on my foot when I walked without my toes having to grip on like their lives depended on it, and the nude colour is not only incredibly flattering (hello instantly longer legs!) but goes with everything.

So I googled ‘nude t-bar platforms’, and look what came up:

The Ebay shoe.

The Ebay shoe.

These beauties by Anne Michelle (nope, I’ve never heard of her either) were on eBay for £15, ladies and gentlemen. FIF-TEEN POUNDS. Even if I bought them and they were cripplingly painful or stupidly high or simply not real, I’d only spent FIF-TEEN POUNDS. And wait a second, doesn’t that heel look like it’s crying out for just a touch of sparkle…?

So I bought them. And on Friday, as part of a mass glittery jar operation (see image below), I mixed Mod Podge with both gold and silver glitter (I couldn’t decide which) and tentatively applied paintbrush to heel.


Ready to go.


Two parts Mod Podge to one part glitter. Roughly.


The first layer goes on.

Now this isn’t an instant trick. When the first layer goes on you can barely see the glitter for the Mod Podge and you wonder what the hell you’ve done. But after an hour or two the Mod Podge turns transparent and you’re left with a light layer of glitter.  I did four layers in total, over a period of 24 hours, and, well, the outcome looked something like this:





I’m not going to lie, get up close and you’ll see that they are far from perfect. The black border on the inside of the heel was the victim of masking tape that refused to stay on and an impatient Sama…

… But from far way you’d never know, right??


Seriously, Miu-who?

This wedding lark is really rather fun.

Did I mention they were only £15…?

Sama xxx

(P.S. They’re a whopping 5 inches including the platform.  I’m trying to ignore the fact that I probably won’t still be wearing them come 9pm.)


Sama x