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Material Things: My Christmas Wish-List

I’m quite materialistic. It’s not something to be proud of but it’s true. I like things. I like being given things. Things to wear, things to put on my face, things to display around my home… things make me happy. I like giving things too. Particularly when I know it’s something that person is going to love.

So I quite like Christmas. It’s full of things.

I don’t like Christmas things too early though. People who have bought their presents, sent their cards and put their tree up by 1st December make me want to be a little bit sick in my mouth. No-one should start seriously thinking about Christmas before December. Even if the media’s sensationalist portrayal of BLACK FRIDAY! and CYBER MONDAY! make you feel like a bad person/inadequate human being/social cretin. My debit card didn’t fail me on Monday because I WASN’T SHOPPING LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD APPARENTLY WAS. So sue me.

It is time to start shopping now though, I will admit. There are only three weekends left between now and Christmas after all. My Christmas wishlist is forming (a little too easily) whilst I’ve been nagging Paul for his for days now and he hasn’t made one relevant suggestion. (“I am your wife, Paul. I am not giving you money.”)

Meanwhile my parents get harder and harder to buy for, shopping centres are no-go zones if you want to keep your sanity, I’ve lost track of who I’ve asked for what, and my recipient list has expanded due to the acquirement of two new sets of In-Laws.  So to combat all this confusion and present-giving quandary, I thought I’d share my Christmas Wish-List of Material Things. Because being materialistic and liking things actually makes it easy for other people when it comes to buying me gifts. I’m thoughtful like that.

Here are the things I’m closing my eyes tightly and wishing for this Christmas:

From top left clockwise: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

From top left clockwise: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

1. I love a statement necklace, but I’m after something a bit more ‘every day’, and this Gili Reversible Disc Necklace by Anna Beck not only looks good, but solves the gold-or-silver quandary I find myself in constantly.

2. If Paul had his way our walls would be bare and minimalist, but I love colour and life in my home, and I’ve long admired this beautiful piece called The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. A large one of these for my living room wall would go down a treat. Paul will just have to deal with it.

3. Bobbi Brown Face Base is the bee’s knees of moisturiser primers. I’m all out and currently using Nivea as I can’t bare to spend nearly £40 on a pot of cream. I’m hoping someone else will though…

4. In an attempt to become more adult, I’ve already asked for a lovely white and gold-topped teapot from Paul’s grandparents. This PiP studio sugar bowl and milk jug would make lovely additions to my tea set, all aboard a white and gold tray like the one below perhaps..?

From top left c lockwise: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

From top left clockwise: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

5. I love the Bookishly UK brand. Literary gifts that look fantastic and have meaning, depending on the quote you choose. There are a couple I love, but think this William Morris quote is my favourite. Plus I used to live opposite William Morris’ beautiful abode in Bexleyheath. True story.

6. As my obsession with interior design grows, so does my need for vanity trays to house my various vignettes. (I stole that word from Kimberly over at Swoonworthy. She uses it A LOT.) This white and gold lacquer tray by Nom Living is particularly tasty.

7. There’s no space for it (unless it becomes part of my gallery wall?) but I would LOVE this colourful and stylish Wall Planner for my office. So I can see in to the future, innit?

8. No no, that’s not a new fandango mascara. That’s a car aerial from eBay, folks. To replace the one that got knocked off my lil’ Ford Puma when I decided to ignore the instructions to remove it at the local car wash nearly a year ago. I’ve been too stubborn to replace it myself thus far, convincing myself that I’m happy to listen to Radio 1 and Radio 1 alone, but the truth is I’m really not. I’m hoping Father Christmas might deliver this one, maybe already fixed to my car…?

Hmmm, what does this Wish-List say about me? That I’m currently obsessed with my house and practically middle aged? I think so.

What goodies are you hoping for for Christmas?

Sama xxx

Sama x