11th November 2014 . Pleasure

Material Things: My Christmas Wish List 2.0

Six weeks to go. And whilst I’m not feeling remotely Christmas-ey, I am currently having a bit of a spending crisis in which I CANNOT STOP BUYING THINGS FOR MYSELF DESPITE NOT BEING ABLE TO AFFORD IT. Recent compulsive purchases include a metal WOW sign for Utterly Wow HQ (how could I resist?), a couple of bits of clothing including this fit skirt, and an ex-disply Ciara O’Neill light pendant (also for Utterly Wow HQ) that was reduced from £275 to £95, and which had me turning my car back around as I was leaving Bluewater, having decided that I couldn’t possibly live without it. Needless to say Paul threw a slight paddy when he saw I’d spent nearly £100 on “a giant Christmas bauble” (his words), despite my protestations that it was “so Utterly Wow” (mine). What wasn’t utterly wow was the warm pink glow it gave off when switched on. The effect was more reminiscent of a brothel than a well-lit workspace, and whilst I took offence at the Christmas bauble comparison, I did cave in and take it back the next day.

However, I’ve spent most of my day off today perusing t’internet for other over-priced treasures that I feel will clearly make my life better when I own them, but rather than hastily purchase (see, I can be sensible when I want to), I’ve decided to compile my 2014 Christmas Wish List and see if other people will buy them for me instead.

I did marvellously well following last year’s Christmas Wish List, receiving nearly all of the items I’d requested, bar the Bookishly print. However, this year it’s becoming glaringly obvious that my tastes have got a little more, erm, expensive, so I’m unlikely to yield quite as good a harvest. But hey, there’s no harm in asking… ????


1. One of the only affordable items on my list, I’m loving this gold-plated knot ring from Holly’s House. It’s always a little risky ordering rings online, particularly when the sizes on offer are either Large or Small, but at £30 it’s too cute to resist.

2. I’ve been craving a pair of classic black stiletto boots for a while now. They’re perfect for dressing up an outfit, whilst being entirely wearable for most of the year. I love the combination of suede and leather on these beauties from Kurt Geiger (£85).

3. Ever on the quest to grow my collection of two-tone jewellery, I need to own this Narrrow Stud Cuff from Whistles (£35). Need to, I tell you.

4. I’m not going to lie, the fur gilet both terrifies and inspires me. In my head I’ll look like Cara Delavigne, in reality I’m more likely to look like TOWIE’s Gemma Collins. Still, I’m very taken by this Latte Textured Faux Fur Gilet by Mint Velvet, but coming in at a whopping £109, I’ll be taking it straight back if I don’t look lithe and model-like. Which we all know is very unlikely indeed.


1. I’ve been looking for the perfect cushion to complete the collection on my bed for a while now, and this Kelim cushion from Holly’s House (my new favourite interiors website) fits the bill perfectly. I love the block pattern and the colours tie in with the rest of the room perfectly. A little steep at £69, but it’s so pretty….

2. Now this is a bit of a sad tale… I have been coveting this Cox & Cox Wicker Cone Chair ever since it came out, but at £199 I just couldn’t justify making such an extravagant purchase. So imagine my delight when one came up on eBay; it was in Surrey so not too far, it was in great condition bar a couple of loose weaves, and it was being sold at a much more reasonable price of £80. I had to have it- but my finances were in dire straights that month and I hovered for too long. A few days later it was gone, and now it’s sold out on Cox & Cox too. I know, MORE FOOL ME. So whilst it’s highly unlikely anyone’s going to find it, let alone fork out £200 for one as a gift, it remains on my wish list… and I remain bookmarked to eBay hoping another one (0r something similar) will come up soon. Harumph.

3. My walk in wardrobe + this faux hide rug from Rockett St George (£70). ‘Nuff said.

4. I just love these Amish-style barn stars I’ve seen popping up all over Pinterest and house magazines. They look fantastic as a focal piece and I’ve eyed up just the right wall in my kitchen for one of these to hang proudly. There are literally hundreds on Etsy, but to avoid the potential duty costs (as most come from the US), I’ve found this Vintage Metal Star from Rockett St George (£39) which will do the job quite nicely.

So, er, yeah. The Regent Street lights haven’t even been switched on yet and I’ve already got a wish list as long as my arm. Materialistic? Me? Never.

So tell me Uttersons, does anyone else have a small spending problem at the moment? What are you coveting this Christmas?

Sama xxx

Sama x