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Life Lately

Here’s a little of what’s going on in my head at the moment…


Naturally this aspect of my life is pretty consuming. I think about it approximately 524,000 times a day, which is quite a lot considering as I’m not showing yet and have virtually no symptoms. Ponderings include but are in no way limited to:

I think I may have just felt some movement- oh wait, that was just wind. 

Why am I getting period-style cramps and twinges? These better be growing pains and not something more sinister…

Speaking of growing pains, when am I going to grow?! Putting on half a stone in the last three months is encouraging but I’m ready for a bump now, as opposed to looking like I’ve just let myself go.

Is my next scan date letter here yet? Is my next scan date letter here yet?  WHY IS MY NEXT SCAN DATE LETTER NOT HERE YET?! 

Our child is going to be nameless because I DON’T LIKE NAMES.

I haven’t bought anything yet as it still feels too soon, but first thing on my list will be the buggy/pram/travel system (travel system?!) as it appears to be the largest expense. This is where I’m hoping you lovely lot will be able to help, actually. I am all ears as I haven’t done much research at all other than a wander round John Lewis once where all I could see was pound signs followed by a lot of numbers. I did quite like the look of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, but that may have been because the shop sample was sporting a rather fetching sheepskin blanket in the seat.

Ideally I’d like something that I don’t have to buy 67 accessories or parts for (other than a sheepskin blanket), that is nice and neat and compact (I HATE large prams that take up half a pavement and have to have double doors opened for them), and that folds down really easily as I live out in a little village and have to drive everywhere. Any suggestions?


With two weeks until my first wedding of the season I’m really looking forward to getting started. Although preparations have been underway for months now it’s always exciting around this time- when my dining room becomes a crafting zone and my laptop threatens to self-combust from overuse. I’m working with some awesome suppliers and venues this summer; old favourites who I’ve worked with (or hired!) before such as Bloomin’gayles and Floor The Floor, and suppliers I’ve wanted to work with for a long time such as McKinley Rodgers, M&J Photography, Joanne Truby, Gilded Linens, Doris Loves, and the fabulous Asylum venue… to name but a few!

I don’t how we did it but the timing really couldn’t be more perfect. Once wedding #1 is done it’s literally all go until the end of August when I plan to go on maternity leave and watch This Morning on repeat until the baby comes. (That actually couldn’t be further from the truth- I have so much I want to do in that last month such as paint the baby’s room, paint furniture, paint parts of the house we just don’t have time to paint at the moment, refresh my website, sort out Utterly Wow HQ etc etc. How are we back on babies?! I tell you- all-consuming…)


Thank you to those who chipped in and gave recommendations for our upcoming Cornwall trip. I think I’ve taken heed of everyone’s advice in some way, booking two nights at a pub/hotel in Padstow, and one night at The Scarlet, so we’re staying North. Paul keeps protesting at the latter and having to sit down when I tell him how much it costs for one night, but thankfully I’m doing what I usually do when it comes to spending money and ignoring him. I’m also very much hoping to go or dinner at Paul Ainsworth’s No. 6 in Padstow, but we won’t mention to Paul how much that costs yet…


Paul and I are at our happiest when we have a good series to watch, so it’s a joy to a) have Game of Thrones back (not that I could tell you what the hell is going on) and b) to have discovered Peaky Blinders on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, it’s really rather good… if you can get over the utterly abysmal Birmingham accents from nearly everyone in the cast apart from Cillian Murphy. I can’t help but shout at the telly every time Helen McRory opens her mouth. Seriously, it makes me grateful to have left the profession when someone gets a job because of who they are as opposed to their ability to do a regional accent that is essential to the plot. Rant over.


Oh yes, it’s voting day. I can’t even begin to speak eloquently or indeed with much real knowledge or wisdom when it comes to politics. I’ve done the quizzes that try to deduce who you should vote for and have received a mixed bag of results that have taught me nothing new about myself; namely that I agree with different parties on different policies. But I am going to vote Labour when I get home from work this evening and this is for three reasons:

1. Ed’s grown on me throughout the campaigning process even though he feels the need to start every sentence with ‘Let me explain…’.

2. I’ve read countless intelligent, informed, engaging and often witty arguments as to why I should vote Labour (such as this one by Robert Webb) and nothing even remotely similar from the Conservative side.

3. I’m one of those ‘hippy, liberal types’, as my husband likes to call me.

And despite the fact that I’ve recently discovered my vote is pointless due to residing in one of the safest Conservative seats in the country (Sevenoaks), I shall vote none the less, as you should too 🙂

That is all, on with your day.

Sama xxx

Sama x

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  1. Jane

    Oooo I am excited for you. Babies open up a whole new world of shopping opportunities!
    We ended up with a Bugaboo Cameleon after my Mum very kindly bought for us and I really love it, but had we been buying it ourselves I don’t think we would have spent so much. I know the Bugaboo Bees are meant to be great for city use ie light/compact etc but once you start looking, just go to a pram place and try A MILLION and you will soon work out what’s right for you.
    Car seat wise we have a Cybex Aton Q…..looks amazing and super safe, but good grief its heavy and I knew this before the blessed child came along, but I had to have it cos it was cool (and I was stubborn)……now I’m carrying it with a chubby 6 and a half month old/struggling to get it in my 3 door Clio in and not just lifting it up in Mothercare to try it – do your back a favour and get a light one!


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