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Just Call Me Cinderella?

So listen. I know I’ve just come back from a self-proclaimed blogging sabbatical and that I’m not the most regular of bloggers. I know that I have a tendency to be a bit self-obsessed, and that since getting hitched I may not write about weddings as widely or as thoroughly as I used to… But there’s this thing called the Wedding Blog Awards. It’s a fairly new awards bash thrown by the people at Wedding and Wedding Flowers magazine. If you’re a general wedding blog fan you may have already heard of it. Hell, you may have already voted for it, in which case you’re really not going to want to hear another voting plea…

…But this one’s slightly different.

See, I don’t want you to genuinely vote for me. Ok, well I do want you to genuinely vote for me, but I’m not deluded enough to think that I deserve to win or that I even can with my 12* readers and my distinct lack of wedding-related content in recent months. But I reeeeeeally want to go to the party. I like free champagne. I like dressing up. I’d like to meet for real the various people I talk to regularly on social media. I want to eat a cake pop.

The thing is, I’ve met the nice people at Wedding magazine several times through my job at the bridal boutique. My own wedding was featured in Wedding Flowers magazine last year. There may even be one or two people who have heard of Utterly Wow by now… but this lil’ ol’ blog o’ mine (woah, apostrophe frenzy) is still fairly unknown. So my somewhat skewered reasoning is that by encouraging you lot to vote for me, I’m going to get on the very outer rim of the judges radar, and I may, MAY just get an invite to the Do.

So what’s in it for you? Er…. I’ll be honest, not a lot. This is an entirely selfish request that benefits no-one but myself. HAVING SAID THAT, if I were to get long-listed you can guarantee you’d see a fair few more posts from me over the coming months as I make some pathetic attempt to appear like a good blogger. And f**k it; if I were to get an invite, I’ll take one of you ‘orrible lot as my plus one. Fancy it?


If you want to help Cinderella get to the ball, then click on the link above to head to the voting page. It will take some effort and a minute out of your day, but I’ve had it on good authority that karma of the positive kind will come to those who vote, so…

In the meantime have a look at Sarah. I coordinated her wedding to Nic last month and their photographer, Claudia Rose Carter, has recently shared some images from the day on her blog. Doesn’t she look like a movie star??

Stunning image by Claudia Rose Carter

Stunning image by Claudia Rose Carter

More coming soon…

Sama xxx

* 12 readers is an understatement, obviously. Hopefully.

Sama x