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Jennie & Andy: Unnecessary Panicking and Necessary Beautifying


The past few weeks have been up and down on the wedding planning rollercoaster. It’s seen a wedding dress wobble- do I really love it as much as I thought I did? Am I completely sure this is the ONE out of all the many out there? Should I book a couple more bridal appointments, just to be sure…? A budget panic when I realised I haven’t actually factored in the cost of my flight back to the UK. Andy’s is booked, but mine isn’t – am I even going to be able to go to my own wedding?! I’ve had a heart fluttering moment when I realised Prosecco-on-tap vans are actually a thing, and a heart sinking moment of falling completely in love with a completely out of our budget videographer. The videographer I never knew I wanted, but turned out to be the videographer of my dreams. There’s even been the odd “why on earth are we doing all this, why don’t we just elope” wine-fueled chat too!

Luckily I’ve had my married bridesmaid Lucy, and one of my best friends who is getting married the week before me and going through so many of the same debates, questions and panics, to talk me through each and every wobble. I resisted the urge to go and try on more wedding dresses and fallen back in love with my own, remembered all the reasons we’re planning our wedding the way we are, and come to terms with the sad reality that the dream videographer is going to have to stay just that, a dream.

Despite these ups and downs these weeks have been quite productive, ticking a few more bits off the wedding planning to do list. After several months of dithering and indecision I’ve booked professional hair and make up for the day. I started out thinking that I’d do my own make up. It’s a pretty pricey addition to the budget, and I’d been scared off professional make up by those horrific make over photo shoots where you leave with about 3 inches of make up on your face, and eyes so ‘smokey’ you look like you’ve been punched. I want to look like myself on my wedding day, not a scary plastic bride. I was worried too, that being away from the UK I wouldn’t be able to fit in a trial, and the thought of someone else doing my make up for the very first time, on my wedding morning was quite a scary one.

With this in mind I had a couple of department store trips for product demo looks to attempt to recreate at home. It was after a few of these sessions I realised a truth about myself: I’m actually quite rubbish with make up. I can do a day-to-day mascara and concealer look, and throw on a bit of eye-liner for a night out, but other than that I’m clueless. I don’t actually own half the products that I would need to recreate any of the looks the lovely make up counter ladies did for me, and the list of products I would need would add up to a fair amount on their own. I considered the fact that by buying products I would actually be making an investment, that I’d be able to use them again but in reality, I don’t think I would. They’d just sit in my bathroom cupboard going slowly dry and past their best.

I decided, for me, professional hair and make up was the best option. I’ve booked The Wedding Hair Company, found through  the Little Book For Brides. After a scroll through their website I fell in love with the romantic, relaxed hair styles. It’s all very loose and pretty. Perfect for a summer day in the garden. I shared some ideas with them and they came back saying what I wanted was ‘them’ to a tee! They’ve promised me too, that we’ll be able to squeeze in a trial on my flying visit back to the UK in February so there won’t be any unpleasant wedding day surprises.

wedding hair inspiration

Relaxed, wavy, floral-entwined gorgeousness!

the wedding hair company looks

I’ve booked hair and make up for me and my Mum, and hair for my bridesmaids. Now it’s booked I’m completely happy with the decision. Mum is thrilled too – I think I get my inability to put on make up from her! I love the idea that I’ll have some body that can give me advice on how to get my fairly thin, fly-away hair into something that looks thick and glossy. I’m pondering extensions too, more for body than length. I’m excited to treat my bridesmaids to professional hair, too. They’ve been sending me ideas of things they like, which luckily are so very similar to the style of The Wedding Hair Company. As they’re all in matching dresses, I’m keen to them to pick individual styles for their hair. When it comes to make up, I’m hoping for a natural, pretty, glowing look that will stay in place all day. I want to look like me, but on a really, really good day!

Does anyone have any tips for wedding day hair and make up? Has anyone gone for wedding day hair extensions?

Jennie x

Sama x

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4 Responses to “Jennie & Andy: Unnecessary Panicking and Necessary Beautifying”

  1. Sarah

    With decisions (for weddings and life in general!), I always think that if the decision was well-considered and was the right choice at the time you can never regret it – I’m a very indecisive person so I live by that philosophy and it keeps me on track! You’re bound to see wedding-related things that make you reconsider your previous choices, but just remind yourself that what you’ve already decided on is right for you and ignore the other options!

    As for hair and make up, I would suggest two key things: strong communication, and a mirror! My hair and make up lady was lovely and I thought we understood each other when we discussed my “look”, but we had different interpretations of the rather general things we’d discussed and I didn’t have access to a mirror during the trial, so didn’t know what I looked like until the end. She’d done a wonderful job but I didn’t look at all like myself and couldn’t bear the thought of looking like that on my wedding day! We then had some very indepth conversations about specifics, and by the wedding day had a plan of action for how to make me look like me! She came armed with a big mirror for me to hold, and made sure I felt able to speak up if I wasn’t happy with how it was going – and it all went perfectly! She even suggested I did my own eyeliner as it’s quite distinctive and she wanted to ensure I had a look I was happy with!

    I didn’t have extensions on my wedding day, so I’ll let Sama step in for advice/feedback on that!

    Sarah x

    • scarletscorchdroppers

      Thanks Sarah! I loved reading your comment, it was so reassuring! Thats great advice. I’ll defiantly make sure I’ve got a mirror with me on the day of the trial. It is quite worrying, especially when I don’t really know any hair and make up ‘speak’ to try and imagine how on earth i’m going to convey the image in my head to someone I’ve only just met. Watching it as it goes on seem like such simple, sensible advice, but I doubt I’d have thought of it myself! I love that your make up lady suggested you do your own eye liner too, the more I think about it, the more important i think it is to feel like yourself on your wedding day, and that such a lovely way to make sure your personality and style are showing through.

      Jennie xx

  2. Paris

    I loved reading this blog Jennie – so many of your worries I can relate to! I am also considering hair extensions to combat fine and thin hair although worried about being able to see them so not too sure at the mo! Did you decide on the prosecco-on-tap van??? x

    • scarletscorchdroppers

      I sent the prosecco van a few emails just to see if we could squeeze one into the budget, but they haven’t got back to me yet. I think it might be time to chase them up! I think i’m on the same point as you with the extensions. Most of the style I love need big thick hair, but then I don’t want strange extension lumps and bumps on show on the day. I’ve never had them before, and they’re quite an expense so its hard to know…. Tricky, tricky!!

      Jennie x


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