11th February 2015 . The Uttering Bride Weddings

Jennie & Andy: An Introduction

Oh my goodness, I’m really spoiling you this week with two posts. And it’s all because I’m introducing two beautiful ladies who you’re going to get to know very well indeed over the eighteen months or so! On Monday we met Paris, but today it’s all about Jennie, the second of my Uttering Brides.

Jennie and Andy have been on a real adventure for the last few years, and their globe-trotting is going to be at the heart of their wedding which I love the sound of. Jennie is also a scha-mayzing baker and writes a baking blog which you should all follow immediately. Seriously, this girl can bake, so I’m fully expecting a cake table heaving with delectable delights… no pressure, eh Jennie?!

This is going to be a super pretty and personal wedding story. Her Pinterest boards have already got me swooning. Shall we begin?


Hello, I’m Jennie. A 27-year-old sort of teacher, moonlighting food blogger, and enthusiastic baker. Last November Andy, my bearded Hull City-supporting, malt whisky-loving boyfriend, got down (rather briefly!) on one knee in the Russian snow on the border between Asia and Europe, and pulled a ring out of his pocket.

Entirely unexpected as a place for a proposal but it turned out to be (frost bitten knee aside!) the perfect place for us. You see, up until the end of last summer we were living in Hong Kong. We met 6 years ago in Reading, where I was studying and Andy worked for a youth charity. Less than a year later, Andy was offered a job in Hong Kong and off he went, leaving me in England. Unluckily for him I refused to be left behind, and within a few months I’d followed him half way around the world to start a new life in Asia together.

We fell in love with our new found Eastern home, living for the towering bright lights, escapes to the beach, and copious amounts of fried rice; disappearing off around South East Asia at every possible opportunity. Last September though, we decided it was time to drag ourselves away, and head back to the UK, for a little while at least. We took the long way home, coming overland on dozens of trains, the odd motorbike, and more horrendously uncomfortable over-night bus rides than I care to remember. That continental border then, signifying the building of our relationship across Europe and Asia, was pretty special for us.

Anyway, enough of our story for now! Let’s get on to the important stuff – the wedding! After all the moving about, we’re going for something completely different for our wedding day. As close to home as you could possibly get, for me at least. On the 6th August 2016 we’ll be saying our vows in the gorgeous little church in the village where I grew up, then heading back to my Mum’s garden for the reception.

Uttering Bride Collage 3

All we’ve really got fixed on so far, except for the Church, is that Andy doesn’t have to wear a suit! The things that are really important to us though are the food, the drink and the atmosphere. We want to create a day that’s fun and relaxed, a day everyone really enjoys. A day full of personal touches and little details. I’ve got dreams of vintage tent marquees, jars of wild flowers, food trucks, hay-bales, strings of lights and lanterns in the trees. We want to bring our Asian life into the day in some way without making it a theme as such. Maps? Food? We’re not sure but its important that its there. Suggests very much welcome!

Uttering Bride Collage 2

We’ll be doing a lot of the day ourselves, utilising the talents of friends and family. Crossing my fingers my DIY dreams don’t turn into Pinterest disasters! My brother has already volunteered to make a bar, wooden signs to go around the garden, and potentially a dance floor. I’ve got my heart set on a cake table laden with delicious goodies baked by friends (cake, you’ll soon discover, is very important to me!), and Andy’s eyeing up brewing his own beer. My Mum even offered to knit my wedding dress…. we think (hope?!) she was joking! I’ve got a notion too, that I’ll no doubt regret in a year’s time, that I want to bake our wedding cake myself.

Uttering Bride Collage 1

So I guess now its time to start moving these ideas off my Pinterest boards and notebooks, and into reality! I’m really excited to be on this journey as an Uttering Bride, and I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you!

Jennie xx

Sama x