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I’m Off On Me ‘Moon!

I can barely contain my excitement but tomorrow morning Paul and I are off on our 10-day Honeymoon of Dreams/California Road Trip Extravaganza. We really, REALLY can’t wait- especially now as our bags are (nearly) packed and it’s actually starting to feel real.

It’s quite unbelievable for a couple who have been together eight years, but we’ve only ever been on holiday alone together once, and that was a short jaunt to Nerja in Spain a couple of years ago. Apart from that we’ve only been on family trips to France where his grandparents used to own a house… and, erm, that’s the extent of our mutual holiday history! So an eleven hour flight to a country that’s eight hours behind and a 500-mile road trip in a Ford Mustang is going to be quite the adventure, let me tell you.

Our itinerary is a whistle stop tour of the Californian coast, starting in San Francisco (Alcatraz is booked despite a last-minute panic our dates were all sold out- phew!), then driving down through the Big Sur to Santa Barbara, LA and finally San Diego where we fly home from.  Our amazing friends and family were super-generous when it came to contributions to our honeymoon, so we have some really lovely hotels to stay in. In particular I’m looking forward to the Ventana Inn & Spa at the Big Sur, and Le Petit Ermitage in LA. We have the smallest rooms booked in each of these places, but I’ve dropped in the H-word in all the booking forms so I’m keeping everything crossed that someone will upgrade us or throw in a little extra something…? (Does anyone have any experience of this? All tips welcome!)

Life has been a little busy these last few weeks so I don’t feel remotely prepared. Nor do I feel ready to parade around in my bikini (I am disgustingly white and squidgy at the moment, having eaten everything in sight since the wedding, not to mention the unsightly heat/shaving rash that’s appeared on my left thigh- yep, I feel about as sexy as a fish)… but it’s going to be EPIC. And of course, the quality time I’m going to get to spend with my husband- AND WITHOUT OUR PHONES- is just the icing of the cake.

So I shall love you and leave you for a couple of weeks, my dear readers. I’m sorry I didn’t get round to posting the last instalment of Our Wedding, but I will do when I’m back.  I have lots of plans for The Utter Blog as we approach the end of the summer (sniff!), including a re-design to tie in with the Utterly Wow website and a NEW POST ROUTINE. Yep, I am going to become a regular blogger, ladies and gentlemen- up to three posts a week, if I can manage it! I can’t quite believe it myself.

I wish you all a wonderful couple of weeks, particularly those about to get married or go on honeymoon themselves, and if anyone has any must-do recommendations for any of the stops on our little vacation (see I’ve got the lingo down and everything), do leave me a comment.

Much love!

Sama xxx

Sama x

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  1. zoe

    Hi, we did a similar trip in late May/early June for our honeymoon and I would definately recommend a detour to Carmel. Its less than an hour north of Big Sur on the coast and its a very pretty quaint town, full of art galleries and antique shops. We just stopped for breakfast and a quick wander and I’m glad we did. Plus Clint Eastwood has a home there and he used be the mayor in the 1980s!
    Also Hunan Hones is a great really cheap restaurant in San Francisco’s China Town, recommended to us by the “navigator” at our hotel. We would have walked straight past it had we not been told its worth a visit. Have fun! 🙂


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