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If Money Were No Object: The Dress

Hello again! I hope wonderful weekends were had by all… If you missed Friday’s post (which you may well have done- I posted it at the ridiculous hour of 10pm), do head over and take a read as it’s a good’un even if I do say so myself- a little bit of inside info on the minefield that is Dress Shopping.

I thought I’d stick with the dress theme today and share some images of what’s floating my boat dress-wise in the wedding world at the moment.  Now I haven’t bought my dress yet, but working in a bridal boutique I’m fortunate enough to have tried a fair few on and I have a good idea of what suits me and what I’m after.  I do want to be a bit different; the dresses that I like tend to be a bit more red-carpet in style than the traditional wedding dress.  But I’m not restricted to evening-style; it just has to speak to me somehow whether it’s uber-romantic or structurally sensational.  Take a little goosey gander…

Bohemian beauties for under £2k

The Bunty (by Belle & Bunty)Belle & Bunty

The Bunty is pure bohemia in all its floral, floaty glory.  If I was getting married outside or in a field somewhere I would wear this.  I’m not sure how able it is to hold boobage that requires support, but it’s oh-so pretty it makes the list anyway.  And at under £1500 it’s a great price as well.

Neri by Lara HannahLara Hannah

Oh, hello Neri, you goddess of old-school vintage glamour.  Your beading is beautiful and you hang like a dream.  It’s a shame you’re strapless as I’d prefer something over the shoulders, but then again I can wear a strapless bra with you!  I’d wear you with flowers in my hair and no jewellery to keep you simple and beautiful.  (You’re also a fraction over £2k but I’m over-looking this as for all that beading, you’re still a bargain.)

Mid-range mirages: £2-£4k

Amoret by Temperley Temperley London

Ok, so firstly I scoff at £3750 being ‘mid-range’ too, but that’s what the bridal mags say!  Negativity aside, this is lace elegance at its most beautiful, is it not?  I love how it falls over the hips and the capped sleeves are too cute for words.  There is a tad more shoulder coverage than I would like seeing as I can look a little ‘bulky’ up top, but it really is a stunningly beautiful (and rather sexy) wedding dress.

Luna by Jenny PackhamJenny Packham

Now this is one sparkly dress, and I never thought I wanted sparkle!  But I have tried this bad boy on and she really is a boho-glam beauty. The crystal embellishment is carefully placed to draw in the waist and flatter over the hips, and she’s a really unique pale blush pink in colour.  I’m not sure she holds my boobs up enough but there’s a recurring theme here, is there not?  And she’s only a nudge over £3000. Gulp.

Full-on drama: £5k and upwards


Oh Mira Zwillinger… What are you doing to me with this exquisite creation of sheer, hand-embroidered lace and luxorious swathes of silk chiffon? Why are you priced at £5,500 and therefore way out of budget?  Fortunately (for my bank balance and my sanity) this beauty doesn’t look capable of housing one breast over a B-cup, let alone two.  So it’s not the end of the world that I can’t afford you.

Here’s a close-up anyway:

Lihi by Mira ZwillingerMira Zwillinger

And for the finale…

Hayden by Vera WangVera Wang

I don’t usually fall in love with Vera Wang gowns as I find them a little big and OTT.  This beauty though literally blows my mind.  It is structured and soft all in one, in a beautiful shade of nude.  For some reason it reminds me of the Will Smith film ‘Wild Wild West’; perhaps it’s the ruffles and the structure but I can just imagine Salma Hayek rocking this down the red carpet!  Stopping just short of £5k it’s actually not too expensive for a Vera, but still too expensive for me.  A girl can dream though…

What do you think?? Do these float your boat too or are you a more traditional bride?  Let’s talk dresses on this dreary Monday afternoon…

Sama xxx

Sama x