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I Dream of Tulle

I do.

Specifically big, pouffy, swishy tulle skirts paired with a casual top and a pair of skyscrapers à la style icon, Carrie Bradshaw.

A tulle icon. Image via Groove Girl

Image via Groove Girl

Worn badly the tulle skirt is the epitome of tackiness, with nasty prom dresses and those fluorescent-pink mini tutus we all crack out for eighties nights springing to mind. Worn well, like these fashionable so and sos below, and you have the height of style and femininity; a nod to 1950’s elegance combined with modern day, urban rock and roll.

Image from top left: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Image from top left: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

In the wedding world, I adore tulle skirts when worn as a statement piece like the hipsters above. I’m not a girly girl; I wouldn’t wear a tiara unless it was for a fancy dress party, and if Paul ever dared to call me ‘his little princess’ I’d poke him in the eye, but in another life I dream about donning tulle on my wedding day.

Whether it’s worn short and sweet with a leather jacket and glittery Kate Spade heels like this gorgeous bride…

Image by Levi Stolove

Image by Levi Stolove

… Or rustic and romantic with full-length tulle and a casual lace top like the Swedish beauty below…

… there’s no denying it; tulle rocks.

But here’s the sticking point. You have to be slender and delicate up top. I’m talking a diddy waist and a small bust; neither of which I have, hence why I dream of tulle rather than actually wearing it. Sigh. In another life maybe.

If, like me, you would love to wear tulle but don’t have the body for it, or if you do have the body for it (lucky sod) but don’t have the confidence to step out in such a bold look, then I implore you… find a small child and put her in a vest top and a massive tulle skirt.


Sama xxx

PS. I have actually have photo evidence of the one time I have ever successfully worn tulle. I was 5.


Sama x

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4 Responses to “I Dream of Tulle”

  1. Rebecca

    What are you talking about? I wore tulle for my wedding day & am certainly no tiny little thing!! 😉
    To be fair I would never have dreamed of wearing such a big dress on my big day but couldn’t resist trying some on at bridal shops (well, when else do you get to try on massive princess dresses and not feel silly!!) and once I had my dress on that was it! I just couldn’t not have it! haha
    I even had a little (fake) leather jacket I wore with it as I left the wedding….but alas there are no photos of this as only a few of us were left to see this & those that were had to spend the walk to the hotel holding my dress up off the soaking wet pavement!!!!!!!!!!! haha

    You have, however, reminded me how desperately I want a tulle skirt….must run off and hunt for the perfect one for my upcoming birthday celebrations!


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