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Friday Favourite: The Most Perfect Shoe

It’s Friday!!!! *leaps out of bed and grabs cat from end of bed before waltzing around the room together, barely clothed, it’s that exciting*

In typical Sama fashion I started a ‘series’ a little while ago which has so far been one measly post… yeah, sorry about that.  But the Friday Favourite is back!  And this time with a shoe that is so perfect it has gone strrrrrrraight to the top of the Wedding Shoe Wish-List.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Glitter-finished Suede Mary Jane Sandal by Miu Miu, so unfathomably beautiful they didn’t even bother giving it a name:

By Miu Miu, via Net-a-porter

Just look at them. Look at them!  Do I really need to explain why they are so perfect??? Right, ok I will…. jeez, you’re demanding.

Even though I love shoes, I don’t covet them like some people do.  I’ve never dreamt of owning a pair of Louboutins or Jimmy Choos, and I don’t think I have a single shoe image pinned on my Pinterest boards.  In fact, shoes have been so far down on my list of priorities I don’t think I even allocated them a portion of the wedding budget!

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want something special for my feet on my wedding day.  And now that I have the dress, the search is on for the perfect wedding shoe.  Now, I see a lot of beautiful shoes working in a bridal boutique, and our brides do the full range; from cheap and cheerful New Look skyscrapers, to those red soles, vintage-inspired beauties courtesy of Emmy or Rachel Simpson, and a particularly memorable pair of skull-adorned Alexander McQueens.  I’ve seen peep-toes, round-toes, flip flops and, this week, boots.  Gone are the days of the ivory satin wedding shoe; today’s bride wants something personal, wearable and eminently fabulous.

So what do I want?

  1. Well, first off I want height without the pain.  I feel slimmer and sexier in heels, but I don’t wear them all that often so New Look sky scrapers are out (sorry New Look- you do a lovely shoe range but my god, they’re not comfortable).  Ideally there would be some sort of platform for added height… but without the ‘drag queen’ look that some platforms have.
  2. I think they’ve got to be peep-toes.  I saw some fabulous sparkly round-toes this week that suited the dress and the bride’s styling perfectly, but I think they’d be a bit too wintry for my look.
  3. Colour-wise I’m thinking blush/nude/metallic/subtle snakeskin… I think I’m after ‘warmth’ rather than a bold colour, plus a neutral tone makes them more wearable!
  4. And finally sparkle.  Every time I see a glittery shoe my heart goes a-flutter.  But like the bottles and jars that will be gracing my tables, I’m rather partial to the dipped-look…

Miu Miu sandals via Net-A-Porter

… WHICH IS WHY THE MIU MIUS ARE SO PERFECT!!! Blush suede, glitter heels, a not-too-high platform and a T-bar strap to keep the beauties on. Subtle and elegant as I (hopefully) glide down the aisle towards Paul… and then “Hello boys!!” as I’m tearing up the dance floor in the evening, dress hitched up and step-touching like a mad woman.

And only £445.

*music comes to an abrupt stop*

I know, I know…  did I really expect Miu Miu to be cheap and cheerful? Of course not. But £445??! I’ve never spent that kind of money on a pair of shoes, and if I’m honest, I don’t think I ever will.

But a girl can dream….. (she says, opening up the wedding budget spreadsheet and hovering over the ‘edit’ button).

What shoes are you going for, ladies of Blogland?? Help me! Tell me £445 is ridiculous!!  I’m a woman with serious shoe infatuation.

Sama xxx

Sama x

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16 Responses to “Friday Favourite: The Most Perfect Shoe”

  1. KateQ

    As with most things wedding, once you’ve found the perfect thing it’s really hard to setlle for a cheaper alternative. January sales? My shoes were around £450 (Emmy) and were incredible comfortable and perfect for the dress so I think totally worth it – even though they aren’t really the type of shoes I could wear again easily. But those shoes you could wear again countless times so technically that’s cheaper 🙂

  2. Ellie

    Nope. I can’t do it. I can’t tell you it’s ridiculous because they are PERFECT.

    Miu miu have some amazing glitter flats that I’m trying to source for my shoes, because I cannot handle heels at all! But maybe I could for something as beautiful as this!

  3. tietheknotblog

    I must admit they are gorgeous and as a shoe obsessed person I am seriously struggling to find the right shoes for my wedding day…..but I have found a site that may be right up your street! http://www.shoesofprey.co.uk – you design your own shoes and its NOT Miu Miu budget either!


    • theutterblog

      Wowsers, ok. Just left what I was doing to check out that site and I’m liking… a lot. Not quite the Miu Mius but a good (and cheaper) alternative. Good spot! x

  4. Jo

    I want them wedding or no wedding I want them! I dreamt of these http://www.harrietwilde.com/collections/all/products/sakura-ivory. Or these green sparkly’s this model wears: http://www.kittyanddulcie.com/pearly-queen-cheap-wedding-dress.html.
    But everything was out of budget.. Or in budget and looked like a cheap imitation. Sparkly’s look bad on the cheap. So I went for a classic and lovely pair of £80 phase eights. Nice conical heel, hidden platform, peep toe, and nice cream satin. And a classic nice bow details on top. Ok they didn’t have the wow sparkle factor … But no one saw them anyway until the end of the night when I chucked them to the side of the dance floor! If it gets to a week before the fitting and nothing else compares … Go for it! I would if I had the £££ but if not …don’t worry as there will be a shoe for you, somewhere out there… Oh that rhymes!

    • theutterblog

      And then my sensible head comes in. Funnily enough Jo, I’ve just got in from a night out with one of my bridesmaids who was saying ‘they’re lovely, but are they really nearly £500 worth of lovely???’ I don’t know!!!! Love those Kitty & Dulcie ones though. (Also love Phase Eight) xx

  5. J

    i have just bought these today in the sale £222.50 and decided to google them after buying and came across your blog….interested to know if you have decided to buy them after all?!

    • theutterblog

      No, they’d sold out of size 5! They had 5 1/2 but if anything I’m more 4 1/2, so just decided it wasn’t meant to be! You have to let me know what they’re like when they arrive, you lucky thing! Are they for anything in particular?

  6. Rachael

    Hi Sama,

    Just came across your blog via Dominique Bader and read a billion posts in an hour.

    I met you at your shop and suspect I could be the girl with the skull adorned AMcQ, mine were coral.

    Your wedding looks fabulous on Dominique’s blog, I hope you’re enjoying the countdown to your trip in California.

    R xx

    • theutterblog

      Hi Rachael,

      Yep, the coral McQueens were you! How funny- small world eh? Thank you very much, we had an amazing day. Are you all married now? How did it go?? xx

      • Rachael

        Not yet! 3rd August. In the final throws of organisation now and just starting to feel the nerves and lists enveloping my sanity..

        Thank you for all of your help in the shop – I was disappointed not to choose a Claire Pettibone in the end, but I did eventually end up with a non-wedding dress.

        Good luck with your business too – I look forward to followingyour progress.



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