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Friday Favourite: Benefit Erase Paste

What’s this?  A post title with a day of the week in?  That can only mean one thing surely…

Yes folks, I shall be starting a weekly series here on The Utter Blog; I’ve decided to treat you to a piece of regularity on an otherwise pretty irregular blog.  Aren’t you just the luckiest?

The Friday Favourite will be short, sharp and to the point- sharing an item, thing, place or person that is, quite simply, my favourite. 1)  Because it’s nice to share, and 2) Because I need something quick and reasonably untaxing to post on a Friday. Ha!

First up on this new weekly post of promise and passion comes a concealer to end all concealers:

Erase Paste by Benefit

Benefit’s Erase Paste is, in my humble opinion, a little miracle in a pot.  I first discovered it at my best friend’s wedding in August, when raiding her make-up bag rather ungallantly.  “You only need a tiny bit!”, she screamed at me as I feverishly undid the lid (Louise’s pre-wedding excitement meant we’d only had about 4 hours sleep and I was desperate). She wasn’t lying.  Just the smallest dab of this thick, creamy paste made light work of my dark circles, and they were virtually ‘erased’ within seconds.

I was sold.

Except, I wasn’t, because at £19.50 per pot I could only stare forlornly at the Benefit counter at every Boots and House of Fraser I passed for five weeks solid. Five weeks of attempting to cover my eye bags with a cheap High Street copy of Touche Éclat which had about as much coverage as a nipple tassle.

So when an unexpected repeat fee hit my bank account this week, I practically ran to Bluewater, I was that eager to get my hands on what can only be described as the Messiah of Concealers.

And now it’s in my make-up bag, doing this…

Before Erase Paste…

…After Erase Paste.

Granted my dark circles aren’t horrendous to begin with, but a clear difference, right?? Both pictures were taken on the Instagram X-Pro filter, ZERO photo-shopping or editing.

Now according to the lady on the Benefit counter, the Erase Paste is not your all-round concealer, so spots, blemishes and uneven skin may not be ‘erased’ so well.  This bad boy is aaaaall about the eye bags, which, for me, is what I want from a concealer as the rest of my skin is pretty ok.  A slight gripe is that the my little pot of wonder didn’t come with the wand thingy as pictured above… but I shall be double checking my bedroom bin in case it’s still in the box… and my car- such was my haste to get it on seconds after I’d bought it.

Benefit Erase Paste?  Congratulations on your Friday Favourite title.

Sama xxx

Disclaimer: Totes not a sponsored post.  Do you see any form of sponsorship or advertising on this little ol’ blog??

Sama x

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